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1. This 1955 cham­ber­ing was glo­ri­fied by Clint East­wood in the 1969 movie, Dirty Harry:

A.) .44 S&W Mag­num B.) .41 S&W Mag­num C.) 7.62x25 Tokarev D.) .32-20 WCF

2. Due to early met­al­lur­gi­cal prob­lems, long brass cases swelled in African heat and con­tracted in the Arc­tic, lead­ing to awk­ward “fail­ure to ex­tract” and “fail­ure to fire” mo­ments in the face of dan­ger­ous game. De­sign­ers added the fol­low­ing fea­ture to cases:

A.) Flutes

B.) Flanges

C.) Belts

D.) All the above

3. In the early 2000s, Winch­ester and Rem­ing­ton in­tro­duced a “new” class of more bal­lis­ti­cally ef­fi­cient hunt­ing cal­ibers:

A.) Bot­tle-necked B.) Straight-walled C.) Short Mag­nums D.) Re­bate-rimmed

4. The term for high-speed steam lo­co­mo­tives was ap­plied to heavy black-pow­der rounds de­signed for ele­phant, buf­falo and bi­son:

A.) Blasters B.) Nitros

C.) Ex­press D.) Mag­nums

5. Cre­ated in 1912, this wasn’t the first belted mag­num, nor the most pow­er­ful, but it re­mains the most re­spected all-around heavygame car­tridge, toasted in hunt­ing camps from Nome to Natal:

A.) .375 Ruger

B.) 9.3x72R

C.) .458 Winch­ester Mag­num

D.) .375 Hol­land & Hol­land Mag­num

6.) This round was cham­bered with a boxed, stain­less re­volver, mar­keted to­gether as “bear re­pel­lent” (ac­tu­ally quite prac­ti­cal in the north coun­try):

A.) .460 S&W Mag­num B.) 8mm Nambu

C.) .454 Ca­sull

D.) .480 Ruger

7. The small­est belted mag­num com­mer­cially avail­able is the adorable, lit­tle:

A.) .22 Hor­net

B.) .22 Sav­age High Power C.) .224 Weatherby

D.) .218 Bee

8. This im­pres­sive mod­ern round, de­signed for coun­ter­sniper use, might be de­scribed as a necked-down .404 Jef­fery Short:

A.) .338 Winch­ester Mag­num B.) .338 La­pua Mag­num

C.) .378 Weatherby

D.) .376 Steyr

9. To ig­nite the heavy pow­der col­umn of big cases, con­ven­tional mag­num ri­fle primers burn—

A.) Longer

B.) Hot­ter

C.) Cooler

D.) Through a larger flash hole

10. In the 1930s, law­men de­manded a car­tridge to pierce the car bod­ies of mo­tor­ized ban­dits such as Bon­nie and Clyde. The re­sult was the:

A.) .30 Car­bine

B.) .45-70 Gov­ern­ment

C.) 7mm Rem­ing­ton Ex­press D.) .357 S&W Mag­num

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