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1.) A: .44 Mag­num (although the movie was filmed with a .41 Mag­num). Tokarev is a snappy round but not re­ally a mag­num. The .32-20 WCF’s su­pe­rior pen­e­tra­tion was praised by Robert John­son in his song, .32-20 Blues.

2.) C: Belts, re­li­ably al­low­ing the round to headspace at the rear of the cham­ber. Brass al­loys have come a long way since con­trac­tion led to the naval term, “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass mon­key.” (Brown­ing solved this prob­lem by de­sign­ing the .50 BMG M-2 with ad­justable headspac­ing.)

3.) C: Short Mag­nums. Short, fat cham­bers al­low less pow­der to do the same work with less re­coil—and in a shorter ac­tion. Some say the trade-off is less-re­li­able feed­ing.

4.) C: Ex­press. The terms, “Nitro” (for smoke­less pow­der) and “Mag­num” (based on large cham­pagne bot­tles), ap­peared later.

5.) D: .375 H&H. Pow­er­ful enough for dan­ger­ous game, and with a ta­pered case for flaw­less cham­ber­ing and ex­trac­tion, it’s still more pop­u­lar than newer cases (such as the ex­cel­lent .375 Ruger and the once-and-fu­ture .458 Win. Mag.). The 9.3x72R is a rimmed black-pow­der round.

6.) A: .460 S&W. S&W did the same setup with its .500 re­volver, de­signed for cam­pers and fish­er­men. Nambu? Don’t be silly! The Ca­sull and Ruger are both hard-hit­ting re­volver rounds.

7.) C: .224 Weatherby. This con­fec­tion is more of nov­elty than any­thing. The other rounds are vin­tage rimmed, bot­tle­neck varmint rounds.

8.) B: .338 La­pua. Navy de­vel­op­ers in Crane, Illi­nois, teamed with Finland’s La­pua, which used the rim­less .404 case to cre­ate the finest long-range ri­fle car­tridge of our time. The other cartridges have proven suc­cess­ful over time. The Winch­ester and Weatherby are full length and belted, while the Steyr is based on a short­ened 9.3 Bren­neke.

9.) A: Longer … for now. The voodoo-sci­ence of prim­ing of­fers de­vel­op­ments every few hours, and you never know what mar­vels will come out of Hor­nady’s lab, so this an­swer could be in­ac­cu­rate, even as it is be­ing writ­ten.

10.) D: .357 Mag­num. This fab­u­lous re­volver car­tridge be­came the stan­dard of Amer­i­can law­men un­til it was phased out by semi­au­to­mat­ics in the 1980s af­ter the in­fa­mous Mi­ami Shootout. The other suc­cess­ful cartridges are from other decades.

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