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Forster Prod­ucts of La­nark, Illi­nois, has long been rec­og­nized for pro­duc­ing qual­ity items for the reloader, and its case trim­mers have be­come the stan­dard for com­par­i­son. When a car­tridge is fired, it is a com­mon oc­cur­rence for the case to lengthen slightly. If cases that are longer than nor­mal are reloaded, fir­ing such a car­tridge can pre­vent ex­pan­sion at the mouth, which can re­sult in in­creased pres­sure. A case trim­mer is used to re­duce the length of a case by trim­ming off the ex­cess metal. The case is held rigidly, and a ro­tat­ing cut­ter trims metal from the case mouth to give the de­sired length.

One of the most pop­u­lar case trim­mers is the Forster Orig­i­nal. Think of it as a minia­ture lathe. Set­ting the length and ro­tat­ing the crank han­dle trims the cases to the ap­pro­pri­ate length. A case holder and a pi­lot of ap­pro­pri­ate di­am­e­ter are re­quired, but the Forster Trim­mer is flex­i­ble enough to work with al­most any case. The Orig­i­nal Case Trim­mer is for .17 to .460 cal­ibers, and the Clas­sic Case Trim­mer is for large-bore and black pow­der cal­ibers. The case trim­mer is also avail­able in a .50 BMG model. Forster also of­fers kits that in­clude col­lets and pi­lots.

MSRP: $112 (Orig­i­nal); $135 (Clas­sic and .50 BMG); $155 (Orig­i­nal kit); $176 (Clas­sic kit) www.ForsterProd­




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