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New pro­pel­lants are in­tro­duced fre­quently, and new cal­ibers have be­come the lat­est rage. In or­der to keep up with th­ese changes, bul­let and pow­der com­pa­nies up­date their load­ing man­u­als from time to time. In keep­ing with this tra­di­tion, Hor­nady has re­cently re­leased the 10th edi­tion of its pop­u­lar Hor­nady Reload­ing Man­ual.

One thing that can be said about this book is that vir­tu­ally no car­tridge is ne­glected. Data is in­cluded for some old-timers, clas­sic big-game cartridges and the new rounds, such as the 300 Black­out, .338 Fed­eral and 6.5 Creedmoor. Although bul­let se­lec­tion is lim­ited to Hor­nady prod­ucts, that line is enor­mously ex­ten­sive, with numer­ous choices in most cal­ibers. The Hor­nady Reload­ing Man­ual, 10th Edi­tion is a trea­sure trove of data.

MSRP: $42 (hardcover); $20 (iBook, Kin­dle) www.Hor­nady.com

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