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Pick­ing up empty cases that have been thrown about by au­toload­ing firearms is a pain in the back. As a re­sult, a de­vice that could col­lect them from the range floor/ ground would be wel­come. Now, there is such a tool.

The Ammo-Up Compact uses “fin­gers” that al­low the cases to squeeze be­tween them. Th­ese poly­mer-coated fin­gers pro­vide suf­fi­cient trac­tion to hold the cases se­curely. Rolling the de­vice as one would a lawn mower makes brass re­cov­ery sim­ple. It works on grass, sand, dirt, as­phalt and con­crete. Once col­lected, a pump of the han­dle ejects the brass into a col­lec­tion con­tainer.

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