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Pro­duc­ing am­mu­ni­tion of the great­est pre­ci­sion is a ma­jor goal for many reloaders, who will go to al­most any lengths to gain even a slight im­prove­ment. When you are try­ing to hit a half-inch cir­cle at 100 yards with every shot, it is nec­es­sary to do all the lit­tle things right.

A prod­uct that can as­sist in that re­gard is the Forster Prod­ucts Bush­ing Bump Neck Bench Rest Sizing Die. With it, the user can make ad­just­ments that al­low the neck to be re­sized the de­sired amount to con­trol bul­let ten­sion. Rather than full-length re­siz­ing or even re­siz­ing the com­plete neck of the case, the necks can be re­sized par­tially while still “bump­ing” the shoul­der to con­trol headspace for cartridges that headspace on the shoul­der. The ad­van­tage of this method is pro­longed case life, be­cause the neck is sized down as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. Bush­ings are avail­able that make it pos­si­ble to ad­just neck sizing to within 0.001 inch. When ul­ti­mate pre­ci­sion is the goal, this spe­cialty die is worth it.

MSRP: $84 (die only); $126 (die plus three neck bush­ings) www.ForsterProd­

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