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There are those who load large quan­ti­ties of am­mu­ni­tion in­tended for ca­sual shoot­ing. At the op­po­site end of the spec­trum are those shoot­ers who try to squeeze the ul­ti­mate ac­cu­racy out of their guns. The lat­ter group will go to al­most any length to shrink a group by one-tenth of an inch. Be­cause bul­let seat­ing is so im­por­tant to ac­cu­racy, seat­ing dies that in­cor­po­rate a mi­crom­e­ter in the seat­ing die are pop­u­lar ac­ces­sories.

Redding now of­fers pre­mium die sets that in­clude the Seat­ing Die with Mi­crom­e­ter Seat Stem for precise bul­let-seat­ing depth to .001 inch, as well as a Car­bide Ex­pander But­ton for re­duced stress on the case neck dur­ing ex­pan­sion. As a re­sult, th­ese pre­mium die sets of­fer the crit­i­cal reloader two im­por­tant ad­van­tages. Avail­able in many pop­u­lar cal­ibers. New for 2017 are .22 Nosler and 6.5 Creedmoor.

MSRP: $151 (full length); $195 (deluxe) www.Redding-Reload­


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