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Load­ing cartridges is not an overly com­plex process, but one must make de­ci­sions re­gard­ing com­po­nents. Those de­ci­sions are based on ex­per­i­ments car­ried out un­der con­trolled con­di­tions to de­ter­mine which powders are suit­able for cer­tain cartridges, how much pow­der can be used, etc. For over a cen­tury, Lyman has pub­lished such data from re­sults car­ried out in the lab­o­ra­tory.

The most re­cent prod­uct is the 50th edi­tion of the Lyman Reload­ing Man­ual. One of its de­sir­able fea­tures is that pres­sures are pub­lished for loads that were fired in spe­cial pres­sure bar­rels. The Lyman man­ual is very com­pre­heni­sive and lists loads for all pop­u­lar cal­ibers, as well as some that are not so pop­u­lar. There is also a sec­tion that gives loads for Thompson/Cen­ter firearms and, in some cases, the ve­loc­i­ties are listed for bar­rels of dif­fer­ent lengths. For the re­li­able data needed to pro­duce safe loads, the Lyman Reload­ing Man­ual is a bar­gain.

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