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An­other Brown­ing de­sign, the Superposed, marked a turn­ing point in U.S. shot­gun de­vel­op­ment.

Brown­ing and other de­sign­ers had been work­ing on re­peat­ing mod­els, both pumps and semi­au­tos; and sideby-sides were still pop­u­lar. Over/un­der shot­guns were still some­thing of an anom­aly and, while they were pop­u­lar in Europe, they weren’t com­monly seen in the United States.

Ru­mor has it that John Brown­ing be­gan the ini­tial de­sign work in the 1800s, but he didn’t work on the de­sign in earnest un­til the 1920s. When the first Superposed was re­leased in 1931, it had dou­ble trig­gers, and it was only later that Val Brown­ing per­fected his father’s sin­gle se­lec­tive in­er­tia block trig­ger de­sign (which is com­monly found to­day on over/un­ders).

The Superposed was made in Bel­gium and costs even­tu­ally kept it from be­ing the “av­er­age man’s gun” that Brown­ing in­tended it to be, but it ush­ered in an over/un­der era that con­tin­ues to this day.

The Superposed, made in Bel­gium, is one of the last of John Brown­ing’s de­signs and the gun that pop­u­lar­ized over/ un­ders in Amer­ica. The 1930s mod­els, like the one shown here, fea­ture two trig­gers. Later mod­els have a sin­gle se­lec­tive trig­ger de­sign.

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