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I hear more hor­ror sto­ries about cheap, ill-fit­ting boots ru­in­ing moun­tain elk hunts than any other sin­gle item. For many hunters, footwear is al­most an af­ter­thought, but if you’re plan­ning an elk hunt, you need to find the right boots—boots that are warm, com­fort­able, wa­ter­proof, light and durable. I had a pair of boots de-sole in the moun­tains once; as you can imag­ine, that type of footwear catas­tro­phe can pretty much halt the progress of a hunt.

I won’t let that hap­pen again. You need to buy your elk hunt­ing boots well ahead of time and break them in. Walk over rough and un­even ground to be cer­tain they sup­port the foot and an­kle and are tough enough for se­ri­ous climb­ing chores.

My go-to elk hunt­ing boots are Dan­ner’s Gi­las ($200) and Brown­ing’s Buck Shadow ($150). I’ve hunted hard in both of these boots and have never had any is­sues.

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