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WEIGHT: 7.2 ounces (25-round ver­sion)

CA­PAC­ITY: 10-, 20-, 25-round COL­ORS: black and FDE

MSRP: $19 (10-round); $20 (20-round); $23 (25-round)

I’m com­fort­able say­ing that Mag­pul is in­stru­men­tal to why the in­dus­try adopted the KAC SR25 mag­a­zine pat­tern for the cur­rent crop of mag­a­zines. Mag­pul was also the first good poly­mer mag­a­zine for the plat­form. Named the PMAG LR/SR (but also re­ferred to on Mag­pul’s web­site as SR25/ M110), it’s avail­able in the stan­dard 20-round ca­pac­ity, low-pro­file 10-rounder and the 25-round ex­tended ca­pac­ity with ad­di­tional curve to al­low re­li­able feed of the M118LR and other match-grade 7.62x51mm/.308 Win. rounds with longer pro­jec­tile.

Much like Mag­pul’s pop­u­lar AR-15 PMAGs, the LR/SR is con­structed en­tirely from poly­mer, with the ex­cep­tion of the stain­less steel fol­lower spring. It is very af­ford­able, with a street price of around $20. How­ever, there are con­cerns about the longevity of the poly­mer feed lips (es­pe­cially in sub­zero tem­per­a­tures), as well as re­ports of pit­ting on the in­side front sur­face from bul­let tips af­ter be­ing in use for a while. The Mag­pul PMAG SR/LR func­tioned flaw­lessly in all three of my test­ing ARs.

The PMAG 10- and 20-round mag­a­zines in front of a test ri­fle from Aero Pre­ci­sion. It’s also avail­able in five-round. I

The Mag­pul PMAG LR/SR uses a curved mag­a­zine de­sign, which al­lows for im­proved feed re­li­a­bil­ity and longer car­tridge over­all length.

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