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WEIGHT: 8.1 ounces

CA­PAC­ITY: 20-round COLOR: black only MSRP: $79

The LaRue Tac­ti­cal mag­a­zine was orig­i­nally de­vel­oped for their OBR (Op­ti­mized Bat­tle Ri­fle) large-re­ceiver AR. Its de­vel­op­ment was started years be­fore the Mag­pul PMAG LR/SR, and it has gone through a num­ber of re­vi­sions since. The LaRue’s mag­a­zine body is made from a sin­gle sheet of stain­less steel and is laser welded at the back. This fea­ture frees up more clear­ance at the front for the M118LR and other types of ammo with a lengthy bul­let.

The in­side and out­side of the LaRue mag­a­zine body are coated with a spe­cial fin­ish that’s cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant and self­lu­bri­cat­ing. The base plate is CNC-ma­chined bil­let alu­minum al­loy. It’s se­cured by a short torx-head bolt in the front, with two small, metal guide pins at the back to keep it cen­tered. The only non­metal part is the red-col­ored anti-tilt mag­a­zine fol­lower that’s made from glass-re­in­forced poly­mer.

Over­all, I con­sider the LaRue LT762 to be the finest metal mag­a­zine for the SR/LR-pat­tern AR. While it’s not cheap ($79 per mag­a­zine), it costs 50 per­cent less than the orig­i­nal KAC SR-25 mag­a­zine, weighs less and has a more ro­bust floor plate. The LaRue LT762 mag­a­zine worked great with my Lancer and Aero Pre­ci­sion ARs but had a few ran­dom feed­ing is­sues in the DPMS ri­fle. This is prob­a­bly due to its short­ened, pro­pri­etary DPMS GII re­ceiver de­sign.

The LaRue LT762 in­cludes many unique fea­tures that are not found in other large-frame AR metal mag­a­zines of older or less-ex­pen­sive de­signs.

The LaRue LT762 fea­tures a solid ma­chined-alu­minum floor plate that, when us­ing the mag­a­zine as a mono­pod, will not be an is­sue. A short torx-head screw fur­ther se­cures it in place.

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