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WEIGHT: 8.9 ounces (20-round with wit­ness holes)

CA­PAC­ITY: 20-, 10-, 5-round COLOR: black

MSRP: $25 (20-round)

Known for its af­ford­able USGI mag­a­zine for the AR-15, D&H has been in the mag­a­zine busi­ness for more than 30 years. Its SR-25 pat­tern mag­a­zines are avail­able in two ver­sions: The tac­ti­cal ver­sion fea­tures wit­ness holes, crossed sup­port ribs and a red fol­lower. The newer Retro ver­sion, which is a di­rect re­pro­duc­tion of the orig­i­nal SR-25 mag­a­zine, fea­tures no wit­ness holes, all-ver­ti­cal ribs and a bright-green fol­lower. Both types have a Te­flon-coated car­bon steel body. The SR-25 mag­a­zine is avail­able in both the shorter, 10-round ver­sion and a five-round hunt­ing ver­sion that uses a re­stric­tor floor plate. D&H also of­fers lim­ited runs of the Retro SR-25 model in an alu­minum body. How­ever, I would rec­om­mend stick­ing with the steel-body D&H mod­els. Con­structed in the same tra­di­tional method as the USGI mag­a­zine, the D&H lacks the re­in­forced floor plate, stain­less steel body or the laser weld­ing of the LaRue. How­ever, it’s very af­ford­able for a steel mag­a­zine—at nearly the same price point as the poly­mer mag­a­zines. Be­cause it is a metal mag­a­zine, the D&H has the ad­van­tages of durable feed lips, and bul­let tip pit­ting will not be an is­sue. The D&H mag­a­zine worked just as well as the more ex­pen­sive mag­a­zines in my test­ing AR-10s, other than a few ran­dom hic­cups on the DPMS GII. Again, the is­sue is prob­a­bly from that gun’s short­ened pro­pri­etary re­ceiver.

A modern, anti-tilt poly­mer fol­lower is

the only non­metal part used in the D&H

AR-10 mag­a­zine.

The metal D&H Tac­ti­cal mag­a­zine of­fers the per­for­mance of the LaRue, but at about one-third the price— in the ball­park of the poly­mer mags.

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