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HEIGHT: 9–13 inches, de­ployed

WEIGHT: 6 ounces

AT­TACH­MENT: 1913 Pi­catinny rail, sling swivel stud (tested)

MSRP: $56 URL: ATIOut­

The name says it all for this bipod. The Uni­ver­sal Feath­er­weight bipod is ex­tremely light, be­cause it is made al­most en­tirely of poly­mer— to be ex­act, DuPont ex­treme tem­per­a­ture glass-re­in­forced poly­mer. Us­ing the in­cluded parts kit, it will fit on just about every ri­fle that has either a Pi­catinny or swivel stud, in­clud­ing the vent hole on gov­ern­ment M16 hand­guards. It does, how­ever, leave some­thing to be de­sired in the stur­di­ness de­part­ment, and at­tach­ment isn’t the most solid. When ro­tat­ing the ri­fle, there was very no­tice­able move­ment in the legs not seen in the ma­jor­ity of the other bipods tested. This is a light-duty bipod best used mounted to a .22 or other low-re­coil ri­fle, but I am not sure I would chance it on my tro­phy hunt. It does of­fer a tra­verse fea­ture and has a pretty good range of move­ment from side to side. This bipod is good for en­gag­ing mul­ti­ple tar­gets or mov­ing ones. The legs are pos­i­tive lock­ing, so they won’t close up on you when you move the ri­fle around. At its $56 MSRP, there are bet­ter op­tions, but a street price of around $30 makes it more at­trac­tive.

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