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Hello Mr. Magazine - - CON­TENTS - Ryan Rogers

Meet him at a place you won’t be ashamed of when you tell the story later. My friend met his boyfriend on Grindr, but he tells ev­ery­one they met at the cof­fee shop near Park Sans Souci where all the em­ploy­ees are brood­ing and starv­ing and the biscuits are de­li­cious. Don’t be like my friend. In­stead, go to places that don’t em­bar­rass you. Bet­ter yet, just avoid places that don’t fit the way you pic­ture it. You might not think you have con­trol over how you meet peo­ple, but you do. And when you meet him, you’ll know you’re sup­posed to be meet­ing him. Maybe you’ll feel it on your skin, or in your dick, or in your stomach. But some­how, some­way, you’ll know this is hap­pen­ing for a rea­son. And don’t lie to him. I heard some­where that strangers lie to each other three times within the first ten min­utes of meet­ing each other, so try not to do that when you meet him. You don’t have to be clever or charm­ing right now, so just fo­cus on telling the truth.

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