Robert Storey

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8:00 AM Snooze Alarm

8:05 AM Snooze 2nd Alarm

8:10 AM Snooze 3rd Alarm

8:15 AM Snooze 4th Alarm

8:20 AM Wake up, be­grudg­ingly

8:21 AM Read a flurry of feedback emails from US clients, re­alise it’s not pro­duc­tive, mark all as un­read

8:25 AM Switch to What­sApp, have a laugh read­ing group mes­sages with friends around the globe

8:40 AM Jump out of bed, run to the shower

8:50 AM Cre­ate out­fit from clothes near­est to me on the floor, grab lap­top and lunch, run out of the door

8:55 AM Walk 3 min­utes to the end of the street and into my stu­dio build­ing

9:00 AM Greet ev­ery­one at the stu­dio, make pep­per­mint tea and muesli

9:05 AM Light in­cense stick – Palo Santo

9:10 AM Re-read overnight client feedback emails prop­erly, at desk

9:30 AM Go through waves of emo­tion: happy, dis­s­ap­pointed, elated, frus­trated

9:50 AM Sit with new stu­dio man­ager Charley and catch up on de­liv­er­ables, dead­lines

10:00 AM Laugh about the de­liv­er­ables and dead­lines

10:10 AM Sit with Male, one of the de­sign­ers, to run through a pro­ject in Seat­tle

10:15 AM She is freak­ing out about the col­ors be­cause she dreamt they we were too ec­cen­tric – I tell her that peo­ple love color and it will be great

10:25 AM Sit with Ioana, an­other de­signer, give her some di­rec­tion on some win­dows she is work­ing on in Ger­many

10:33 AM Pierre calls over, about a con­fer­ence call he just had – he fears some man­nequins he or­dered didn't have de­tach­able feet, which is very im­por­tant

10:40 AM Re­turn to my desk and re­ply emails

11:00 AM Com­mence daily stu­dio-gar­den­ing rit­ual – wa­ter the toma­toes, cu­cum­bers

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