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First let me say that it’s lovely to be back on this page, writ­ing On Trend for the first time in a few years. Since mov­ing back to New York, I’m still work­ing in me­dia, but en­tirely on the ad­ver­tis­ing side of things … nat­u­rally, style and the world and busi­ness of fash­ion are still a pas­sion for me, so it’s fan­tas­tic to be back here!

By now we’ve all heard about the art of un­clut­ter­ing, made fa­mous by Ja­pan author Marie Kondo. If an ob­ject doesn’t bring you joy, re­move it from your life! It sounds harsh, but I’ve come to be­lieve it’s true—es­pe­cially when it comes to cloth­ing, and your re­sult­ing style. Some sub­scribe to the more is more phi­los­o­phy, and more power to them if that makes them happy. For me, hav­ing 10 to 15 amaz­ing pieces that I can wear with joy is a far bet­ter feel­ing than hav­ing a closet full of choices … none of which I am truly in­vested in.

Maybe it’s be­cause I live in NYC, where space is a lux­ury and there­fore a valu­able com­mod­ity ( even if my own apart­ment does have good closet space by com­par­i­son!), but I am all about not only purg­ing items that no longer serve me, but also do­ing my best to make good choices when I shop. I ask my­self these three things: Will I be able to wear it with at least 5- 7 other pieces in my wardrobe? Will I want to wear it a year from now? Is it prac­ti­cal? That last ques­tion is not al­ways the most fun one, but it’s a good idea to pose it.

I ask my­self these ques­tions no mat­ter what the sit­u­a­tion is—if I’m buy­ing some­thing at full price, on sale, at a sam­ple sale… it shouldn’t make a dif fer­ence when you re­ally think about it. No mat­ter the cost, it’s still tak­ing up space in your life.

Of course, in my dream world, my wardrobe would con­sist of noth­ing but both ba­sic and state­ment pieces from The Row and Ce­line, with a lit­tle Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli thrown in (cash­mere, of course!) for good mea­sure. While I’m not liv­ing in that world just yet, I tell my­self I’m pre­par­ing for it by let­ting go of what I don’t need or truly en­joy. What you de­sire can’t find you if your light is hid­den un­der­neath clothes that don’t do you jus­tice!

St ick t o brands, pieces or f abrics t hat bring you joy, like t he Sof f io cash­mere and silk yarn of Loro Piana scar ves ( above) or t he evergreen s t yles of Brunello Cucinelli ( lef t).

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