“I had a hard time find­ing words for these swords,” says writer Hunter Haskins of this is­sue's Col­lec­tions fea­ture, “To the Hilt,” on page 98. “I think the pic­tures in this is­sue are stun­ning, but see­ing and hold­ing them in real life is over­whelm­ing,” says Haskins. Robert Ben­son of Honolulu has col­lected swords and other an­cient weapons from Ja­pan since he was first sta­tioned there in 1966. Haskins was given an ex­clu­sive look at the col­lec­tion of par­tially and fully re­stored swords man­u­fac­tured as far back at the 1300s. Haskins also con­trib­utes to Hana Hou! mag­a­zine. He has lived and stud­ied mar­tial arts in Honolulu for 10 years.

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