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Top prod­ucts you should know about.

Prod­ucts you should know about.

{01} JPX JET De­fender 4

Hav­ing a firearm comes with great power, and with great power comes great re­spon­si­bil­ity. When draw­ing a firearm for use in home de­fense, you have to con­sider the po­ten­tial of the threat. From there, one has to see if they can deesca­late the sit­u­a­tion while de­ter­min­ing the ne­ces­sity of deadly force.

But what if the threat or sit­u­a­tion could be toned down with­out the use of deadly force? Well, with the ad­vent of stun guns, pep­per spray, Tasers and more, it’s given us a mul­ti­tude of non-lethal op­tions to choose from, and this one from Pix­eon is a def­i­nite looker with the punch to stop.

That said, the JPX Jet De­fender 4 is a reload­able four-shot de­fense prod­uct cre­ated by Pix­eon. It is the lat­est of Piexon’s of­fer­ings that comes from a long line of high-tech de­vel­op­ments around an­chored around the unique pep­per jet tech­nol­ogy in­vented by the com­pany.

With a load ve­loc­ity of 407 mph/590 fps, the loads pro­vide a high-per­for­mance in­flam­ma­tory agent that has proven “knock out” power. Based on its pa­tented tech­nol­ogy, the com­pany has de­vel­oped a state-of-the-art de­liv­ery sys­tem for liq­uid OC agents. The prod­ucts are high-per­for­mance ir­ri­tant agent OC (Piexol) shoot­ing de­vices. Un­like tra­di­tional pep­per spray, the con­tents of its JPX Jet De­fender loads are dis­charged in a gel for­mat. That mean su­pe­rior ac­cu­racy, no need for shak­ing and no need to worry about de­flec­tion of the con­tents be­cause of cross­winds.

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In the world of AR plat­form ri­fles, choos­ing the right mag­a­zine can be a daunt­ing task. With so many af­ter­mar­ket op­tions avail­able, it can hard to de­cide which one is right for you. Whether it's a USGI is­sue steel mag­a­zine or one of the many poly­mer types, the im­por­tant ques­tion to ask your­self is which one is right for you. A quick on­line search will show you tons of op­tions and opin­ions claim­ing that one is bet­ter than the other. The Hexmag, how­ever, stands out from the rest.

Known for its dis­tinct hexagon or hon­ey­comb-like pat­tern on the out­side of the mag, it is by far one of the most eas­ily rec­og­niz­able mag­a­zines you will see.

The Hex­mags come in three dif­fer­ent ca­pac­i­ties. They are avail­able in 10, 15 and 30 ca­pac­i­ties to ac­com­mo­date for var­i­ous lo­cal laws. For those who live in Cal­i­for­nia, they make 10/30 mags that have the look and feel of a 30 round mag­a­zine yet will only al­low 10 rounds to be loaded at a time. The Hexmag is a pi­o­neer that placed “riser sys­tems” for your standard ca­pac­ity mag­a­zines that can limit them from 30 to 15 or 10 rounds.

Hexmag also is a pi­o­neer in the mag­a­zine in­dus­try by be­ing the first to have a sys­tem to dis­tin­guish your mags from your friend’s or for mags loaded with dif­fer­ent cal­iber rounds. A sys­tem called Hex ID gives con­sumers the op­tion to change the color of the fol­lower of the mag­a­zine, as well as the base plate color. This caters to the AR com­mu­nity, be­cause there are many vari­ants in cal­ibers that can still use the standard mag­a­zine.

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Once you start amass­ing a col­lec­tion of firearms, you also need to store your mag­a­zines in an or­derly and fash­ion­able man­ner. At first, you may stack them side­ways, throw them in a few safe pock­ets or put them in a box, but soon enough you’ll be stuck with a ma­jor headache and a chaotic site.

If you’re like most gun own­ers, you’ve prob­a­bly searched high and low for stor­age op­tions. Thanks to the folks over at Mag Stor­age So­lu­tions, you now have a so­lu­tion.

Mounted in your gun­room or stuck in – or on – your safe, these handy stor­age racks give you the abil­ity to or­ga­nize with pride. In ad­di­tion, the use of the com­pany’s op­tional Neodymium Mag­net Kit gives you the abil­ity to stick the stor­age so­lu­tion units on the side of your ve­hi­cle, giv­ing

you easy ac­cess when shoot­ing out­doors.

Mag Stor­age So­lu­tions cur­rently of­fer units to hold mag­a­zines for dif­fer­ent cal­iber weapons in­clud­ing AK-47/AR-10, AR-15 and pis­tol mags. The pis­tol mags come with di­viders to change up spac­ing op­tions while the AR/AK plat­forms of­fer a quick and ef­fec­tive clip sys­tem, enabling own­ers to sim­ply snap them in or out of en­gage­ment.

Made in the U.S.A. and crafted out of ABS plas­tic, these durable units do ex­actly as they were de­signed to do. You’ll be glad you picked one – or a few – up.

You can see more by vis­it­ing them at magstor­ages­o­lu­

“Or­ga­ni­za­tion is about ef­fi­ciency and Mag Stor­age So­lu­tions de­liv­ers that in a durable and well-crafted



Steels, pa­per tar­gets, soda cans and the in­fa­mous zom­bie tar­gets are all fun, but there’s noth­ing quite like shoot­ing a rub­ber dummy. These 3-D tar­gets were born out of frus­tra­tion, and the so­lu­tion was to cre­ate a lit­eral “rub­ber dummy.”

Made in the U.S.A., Rub­ber Dummies are made from 100 per­cent re­cy­cled ma­te­ri­als. They are not only valu­able train­ing aids, but also durable tar­gets that can take thou­sands of rounds. Un­like steel tar­gets, you can prac­tice up close with­out fear of de­flec­tion and get a bet­ter vis­ual as to where your shots are land­ing. The bot­tom line: They’re a blast. These life-size 3-D tor­sos can take one hell of a beat­ing.

The “self-heal­ing” ma­te­rial com­po­si­tion al­lows peo­ple to train with knives and guns and the outer “skin” of the torso re­acts to each shot and can eas­ily be “re­coated.” Ca­pa­ble of tak­ing 17HMR to 50BMG, these in­cred­i­ble tar­gets have be­come a mod­ern mar­vel in the world of firearms train­ing, but don’t take our word for it. Check them out on­line and view the hun­dreds of peo­ple hav­ing a blast.

Visit them at www.rub­ber­dum­ HD

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