Com­bined with Krav Maga’s Fight­ing Phi­los­o­phy, Im­pro­vised Weapons Will Get the Job Done

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You need a Plan B. Com­bined with Krav Maga’s fight­ing phi­los­o­phy, im­pro­vised weapons are the so­lu­tion.

Your heart im­me­di­ately ac­cel­er­ates, as you gaze in the di­rec­tion of a noise that is not nor­mal at 3 a.m. You’re in bed, you’re alone and right now, the only thing you’re think­ing is that this can’t be hap­pen­ing.

Deep down you know that some­one has en­tered your sanc­tu­ary with­out an in­vi­ta­tion. In the dark, you reach for your phone and call 911. Now what? Who knows when the cops will show up? They can’t be here in sec­onds, so most likely this job is yours.

If you wish to sur­vive, you must take eva­sive ac­tion, but you do not have a gun or even a base­ball bat. What do you take to war? What you do next that will de­ter­mine if you live or die …

That is when your Krav Maga im­pro­vised-weapons train­ing kicks in. You hear your in­struc­tor yelling, “Clos­est weapon to your tar­get!” “Fin­ish the fight!” “Never back down.” At­tack, at­tack, at­tack!”

If a solid lock doesn’t keep the bad guys out, then Krav Maga will save the day.


Krav Maga is a prin­ci­pal-based sys­tem that is de­vel­oped around your body’s nat­u­ral in­stincts. In this mar­tial art, you hone your en­tire body as a lethal weapon. From your hands to your feet, you de­velop the most ef­fec­tive and de­ci­sive way to neu­tral­ize an at­tacker.

There are no rules on the street, no safety nets and no do-overs. In Krav Maga, that’s why you fight fire with more fire. In train­ing, you learn to


al­ways scan your en­vi­ron­ment, es­pe­cially when you are train­ing un­der stress.

The body’s nat­u­ral re­sponse is to get tun­nel-vi­sion and block out use­ful in­for­ma­tion, which can be used to de­fend your­self and your loved ones. Scan­ning your en­vi­ron­ment is ex­tremely im­por­tant be­cause it al­lows you to rec­og­nize com­mon ob­jects to help you deal with the deadly sit­u­a­tion at hand. Com­mon ob­jects can be used in three ways.

First, they can be used as a bar­rier. Any­time you can put some­thing be­tween you and your at­tacker, you in­crease your sur­vival chances. A bar­rier will shield you from all types of blows, es­pe­cially from a blunt or edged weapon. Cre­at­ing dis­tance gives you time to see and re­act, buy­ing you time to ac­cess im­pro­vised weapons or even exit the scene. For ex­am­ple, if you are be­ing chased down your hall­way into your din­ing room, us­ing the din­ing room ta­ble to sep­a­rate you from your at­tacker gives you time to reach for a ta­ble lamp that you can use to fight him off.

A ta­ble is just one of many bar­ri­ers. Other op­tions in­clude chairs, doors, beds, kitchen is­lands and even your car in the garage.

Sec­ond, com­mon ob­jects can also be used in a de­fen­sive man­ner to block an edged-weapon at­tack. Pic­ture this; it’s af­ter mid­night, and you have fallen asleep on the couch while watch­ing an episode of “The Wire.” Some­thing awak­ens you. Out of the shad­ows, you see a dark fig­ure com­ing at you quickly with a knife. You have sec­onds to re­act. For­tu­nately, there is a snack tray right next to you. Be­fore the at­tacker plunges the knife into your skull, you grab the tray and swiftly punch it out over­head to stop the blow. At al­most the same time, you send a kick to the at­tacker’s groin, dou­bling him over. You now have the ad­van­tage; you con­tinue to at­tack with over­whelm­ing vi­o­lence. The bad guy drops to the ground, and you fin­ish him with sev­eral head stomps. Game over. Al­most any ob­ject can be used as a shield, in­clud­ing a brief­case, books, chairs, um­brel­las, lap­tops or pots and pans.

Com­mon ob­jects also cre­ate ex­tra reach. This is ad­van­tage three. Think of what you could do if you had a medieval sword. Be­ing able to reach your at­tacker with ei­ther a blunt or sharp ob­ject—from a dis­tance—will shift the odds in your fa­vor. How­ever, un­less you are a re­nais­sance fair buff

Ob­jects such as end ta­bles and chairs make great weapons. They can be used as to de­fend and at­tack at the same time.

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