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Imag­ine you’re watch­ing a movie with your kids, hav­ing a great time, when sud­denly some­one breaks into your home. In that mo­ment, you might find your­self com­pletely un­pre­pared, turn­ing your fam­ily movie night into a night of ter­ror. How­ever, if you hap­pen to be rest­ing your feet on the High Cal­iber Cof­fee Ta­ble when the break-in hap­pens, you might sur­prise the per­pe­tra­tor more than he sur­prised you.The High Cal­iber Cof­fee Ta­ble works as a fully func­tional cof­fee ta­ble, as well as a home de­fense plan. Two draw­ers open to keep re­motes, cards, lint rollers and what­ever else you might keep there. Un­de­tectable and locked, the se­cret com­part­ment can fit a long gun and mul­ti­ple hand­guns, along with other valu­ables you want to keep hid­den. A wire­less key­pad and a re­mote lock­ing mech­a­nism are in­cluded with the cof­fee ta­ble to keep your firearms se­cured.


Stan­dard Di­men­sions: 20 x 48 x 26 inches

Lock: Wire­less key­pad and re­mote lock­ing mech­a­nism in­cluded

Wood Choices: Cherry, oak, wal­nut, and alder (oth­ers avail­able

per re­quest)

Color Choices: Old Masters (oth­ers avail­able per re­quest)

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