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01 Lay­ers

We al­ways rec­om­mend lay­ers, re­gard­less of the lo­ca­tion. In­evitably, the tem­per­a­tures fluc­tu­ate 15-20 de­grees.

02 Shoes

Closed-toe shoes are a must. Think along the lines of ten­nis shoes or light hik­ing boots. Many out­door ranges are dirt or gravel, and there are lots of loose cas­ings.

03 Pants

Jeans or light hik­ing pants are best, but wear any­thing com­fort­able that you don’t mind get­ting dirty.

04 Caps

Th­ese are op­tional, but rec­om­mended. It’s pos­si­ble for hot, fly­ing cas­ings to slip down into and be­hind sun­glasses.

05 Tops

No scoop necks or low-cut col­lars. They catch hot fly­ing cas­ings much eas­ier. What­ever you wear, it will have to be tucked into your waist­band, so as not to get caught up in your gun (and trig­ger guard) while re­hol­ster­ing.

06 Fi­nal Tip

Watch out for those lit­tle para­cords on the zip­per tabs on your vest, sweater or jacket. They also get caught on trig­gers if your top is un­zipped. You can cut them, or I can show you a trick when you come to class as to how to get them out of the way.

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