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When pre­par­ing your va­ca­tion home for rentals, there are a num­ber of things to con­sider, and find­ing where to start can be trou­ble­some. The best place to be­gin is by en­sur­ing the most im­por­tant ameni­ties in the eyes of the guest are present in the home. For­get the pool; if you don’t have the top three most im­por­tant ameni­ties, you will be hard pressed to find a guest who will ap­pre­ci­ate your of­fer­ings.

Ac­cord­ing to trip­ and other online sources, the num­ber-one most im­por­tant amenity in a home is WIFI in­ter­net. WIFI is im­por­tant to trav­el­ers for a num­ber of rea­sons be­yond stay­ing con­nected to the of­fice back in New York. Many ex­pe­ri­enced trav­el­ers know that when they get to their fi­nal des­ti­na­tion, their cell cov­er­age may be lim­ited and they will rely onWIFI to stay con­nected. In ad­di­tion, these trav­el­ers do play-by- play up­dates on so­cial media, and if your va­ca­tion home lacks WIFI, your guest will be un­able to share ex­pe­ri­ence with friends far away. Trav­el­ers will also useWIFI to ac­cess in­for­ma­tion that makes their stay more en­joy­able, such as search­ing for the clos­est Ital­ian res­tau­rant or best nightlife.

The sec­ond most val­ued amenity is a “full kitchen.” Many trav­el­ers choos­ing a va­ca­tion rental as their lodg­ing op­tion will be trav­el­ing in groups and will max­i­mize the value of their stay through the uti­liza­tion of this amenity, sav­ing money on din­ing out. While these guests are will­ing to give up the con­ve­nience of eat­ing out, they typ­i­cally are un­will­ing to sac­ri­fice the qual­ity and set­ting of the meal. There­fore it is im­por­tant that ad­e­quate place set­tings, dish­ware, glass­ware, cook­ware, and stemware are avail­able to the guests. In ad­di­tion to ta­ble set­tings, non-per­ish­able food items such as spices and condi­ments will be a welcome ad­di­tion.

The third most im­por­tant amenity is cli­mate con­trol or cen­tral heat and air con­di­tion­ing. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, most guests as­sume there will be cen­tral re­frig­er­ated air as an amenity as this is some­thing stan­dard in the ho­tel in­dus­try.

Once you have the ameni­ties that mat­ter most, you can fo­cus on bring­ing the value-adds, such as hot tubs, BBQ grills, and com­fort­able out­door-liv­ing ar­eas. Once your va­ca­tion home is set with all these ameni­ties, do not raise your price. The re­turn you will see will be through the in­creased oc­cu­pancy and de­mand for the great digs that you have cre­ated. Raise your price only when you have high oc­cu­pancy num­bers to jus­tify an in­crease in the price due to de­mand on the prop­erty.

Ryan Good­man is chief mar­ket­ing of­fi­cer at Kokopelli Prop­erty Man­age­ment (9821013, 877-496-4989) and has been in the busi­ness all his life. Ryan’s back­grond is in small-busi­ness man­age­ment and entrepreneurship.

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