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This in­ter­viewseries fo­cuses on the peo­ple in Santa Fe’s real-estate in­dus­try. J.C. Lin­son is an as­so­ci­ate bro­ker at Barker Realty/Christie’s In­ter­na­tional Real Estate.

What are you work­ing on right now? Amonth ago, see­ing that there was a lack of in­ven­tory, I started to set­my­work on get­ting more list­ings. This week I put in four list­ings. I’m reach­ing out to sell­ers or peo­ple I know who might want to sell, who I’ve dis­cussed things with be­fore. Peo­ple­who have been on the fence for a while? That or For-Sale-By-Own­ers I con­tact through Craigslist. And you try to con­vince them to use a Real­tor? Yes. I’ve con­verted quite a few. It’s cold-call­ing, ba­si­cally. It’s re­al­work, for sure. I also look for For Sale by Owner open houses, pick up fly­ers, and­make calls. I’ve got a few more list­ings com­ing up in the next week or so that I’ve been cul­ti­vat­ing.

You’ve seen the high and low mar­ket times in the last 10 years. Are you deal­ing with some peo­ple who were ask­ing too much or took their houses off the mar­ket when it was re­ally slow and now they’re think­ing this is the time?

Some­what. There’s a list­ing I’mputting in today that was orig­i­nally over a mil­lion dol­lars and it’s got­ten down to $848,000. Sell­ers are more re­al­is­tic now; it’s the buy­ers you have to groom. Buy­ers are killing sell­ers right now. It’s been a buyer’s mar­ket for some time. But in­ven­tory is down and some of it is sort of stale. That’s right. They’ve been sit­ting for a year or two, but if you get a new list­ing on the mar­ket, it’s gone in a cou­ple of weeks.

Not a lot of new homes are be­ing built, and­more buy­ers are want­ing some more con­tem­po­rary de­sign, right?

Po­ten­tially. Re­gard­less, there’s less in­ven­tory and more buy­ers right now. Con­sumer con­fi­dence seems to be up and peo­ple’s tastes are chang­ing. What was new and fresh in 2007 is not con­sid­ered that any­more. South­west con­tem­po­rary is re­ally hip right now, as long as you have some of the Santa Fe Style el­e­ments— beams and nice plas­ter, but some hard edges, more glass, more nat­u­ral light. Are you work­ing solo? I am, but I’mtry­ing to put to­gether a lit­tle team of bro­kers right now. I used to have a part­ner, Bob Ch­er­nock, who passed away. We were at Sotheby’s to­gether and he was a men­tor tome. He al­ways told me that one per­son can barely do the work of one, but two can do the work of three peo­ple. He taughtme a lot. I’ve been do­ing this for 14 years nowand I see­my­self grow­ing more now than ever. I was telling you I’m work­ing on list­ings, but I have a lot of buy­ers right nowl­ook­ing as well that I get through in­ter­net leads and so­cial me­dia. How does that work? They come to me di­rectly through our web­site here at Barker, santafe­r­, and I mar­ket to Face­book, not over­whelm­ingly but enough to keep peo­ple in­ter­ested. I put my new list­ings on there ev­ery cou­ple of days. I’ve been very lucky. I have a lot of sup­port from my Face­book friends. I feelmy­self set­tling into my niche. I do a lot of deals an­nu­ally and the ma­jor­ity are un­der $500,000. I feel very for­tu­nate that af­ter all these years I’ve built up a net­work of clients and re­fer­ral sources.

Be­sides peo­ple mov­ing here fro­mout­side, do you see a lot of lat­eral­move­ment within Santa Fe?

Life­style changes. You have young cou­ples get­ting their starter home, then they need a big­ger home. And older cou­ples want­ing to down­size. And, sadly, the eco­nomic situation has caused a lot of shift­ing in the mar­ket. When I work with clients who are up­side-down on their prop­er­ties, I ex­plain to them that it’s like a bad stock: you don’t beat your­self up over it; you sell it and move on.

I be­gan in real estate when I was about 25 and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and I’ve grown a lot of com­pas­sion. It’s taught me more about peo­ple than I would have ever thought. You wear a lot of hats, and I en­joy it. You were a boxer? I was, and so I know a lot of peo­ple fromwhen I was a fighter, and I have a lot of rel­a­tives as well around the coun­try, so they can see my kids and keep up with me. My grand­mother is in the San Diego area and we chat all the time on Face­book and my par­ents re­cently got on Face­book, too. Are they in Santa Fe? They are. They have Lin­son’s Fab­ric and Up­hol­stery on Cer­ril­los Road.

It seems like the brand­ing has changed re­cently. [The busi­ness name is Lin­son’s De­sign Source.]

Yes, and they’re do­ing a lot of win­dow treat­ments now. They’re big-time into Hunter Dou­glas. You’re a Santa Fe na­tive? I grew up here and I boxed, am­a­teur and pro­fes­sional, out of Santa Fe. I was in ju­nior high when I started box­ing. My dad was my trainer. I was pretty suc­cess­ful in the am­a­teurs; I had close to 200 fights. Then I turned pro­fes­sional when I was 19 and I had 28 fights all over the coun­try. I en­joyed box­ing but I lost my drive and I had a lot of other in­ter­ests, in­clud­ing school. You were a deputy sher­iff. Was that af­ter box­ing? No, that was when I was fight­ing. From 21 to 23, I was a Santa Fe County deputy sher­iff, then I won a NorthAmer­i­can ti­tle and I re­signed from law en­force­ment. I still have friends that are of­fi­cers. When were you mar­ried? I’ve been­mar­ried twice, but I’ve been­mar­ried to Inessa since 2012. She’s from Po­joaque. Her dad’s the build­ing in­spec­tor up in LosAlamos and her­momwas an art teacher at Po­joaque High School. I have two kids from my pre­vi­ous mar­riage and two with Inessa: Liana is 10, Isaac is 8, Joaquin is 3, and Rocco is 4 months. Who did you start with in real estate? TomKeesing, Santa Fe Agency, then I waswith a cou­ple other com­pa­nies. I was with Sotheby’s un­til I came over to Barker just over four years ago. I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate the type of busi­ness they run here, the pro­gres­sive and ag­gres­sive mar­ket­ing that is be­ing done. There’s a team of peo­ple now that’s over­see­ing the ad­min­is­tra­tion and they’re work­ing hard to help us all growand do bet­ter busi­ness.

My work ethic is strong. I’m here at 8 a.m. ev­ery morn­ing. My wife and I own Boomerang Baby. It’s nice be­cause Inessa has the abil­ity to have the kids at work with her. It’s an ex­change store. It’s a great lit­tle place that does a lot of good for our com­mu­nity. What do you like do­ing in your spare time? We en­joy go­ing to­movies and hav­ing din­ner with fam­ily. We like to sit back and watch CNN and talk. We’re home­bod­ies and we try to ap­pre­ci­ate ev­ery quiet mo­ment we can get. We also have three dogs and a cat. We have our hands full, and I wouldn’t trade it for any­thing.


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