No macramé ev­i­dent at new Man­der­field con­do­minium project

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I re­cently read some­thing rather fright­en­ing, and when that hap­pens, I am com­pelled to share it with you. Oh, dear, I hope it doesn’t scare you, too. (Well, maybe I do.) A cou­ple of weeks ago, I looked at the first page of the real-es­tate sec­tion in our news­pa­per… you know, the page that talks aboutwhat’s trend­ing now. I did a dou­ble take and caught my breath. Macramé is back. Please, no. Gum­drops, the ar­ti­cle even had pho­to­graphs of plants be­ing cra­dled in macramé pot hang­ers. I had a flash­back to the late ‘60s and ‘70s when all of us (the craze had no gen­der pref­er­ence) were tying cre­ative knots in jute, then hang­ing spi­der plants that kept hav­ing spi­derettes un­til they over­took our sen­si­bil­i­ties. And what about those macramé owls? All I can say is, Sha­gadelic, man.

Af­ter a night­mare of spi­derettes re­pro­duc­ing like rab­bits and tum­bling down from their macramé pot hang­ers to stran­gle me, I woke up in a cold sweat. I jumped out of bed, called Jane Smith (Jane Smith In­te­ri­ors) and made ar­range­ments to meet her later that day at the Man­der­field Con­dos. No, Cup­cakes, Jane is not a ther­a­pist. But I needed a fresh im­age to clear my brain, and Jane’s good taste in dec­o­rat­ing was the an­swer, I thought. As you re­call, the old Man­der­field School at 1150 Canyon Road is be­ing re­pur­posed into ele­gant con­dos. Unit One does not dis­ap­point. With the ad­di­tion of Jane’s dec­o­rat­ing skills, the in­te­rior is ele­gant, so­phis­ti­cated... and free of spi­der plants. Kit­tens, I was healed.

By the way, for­more info on the whole Man­der­field project and all eight con­dos, call Craig Huit­feldt, the list­ing agent, at Bell Tower Keller Wil­liams Realty. He can ex­plain to you how care­ful Ar­chi­tec­tural Al­liance has been to retain the clas­sic style and feel of John Gaw Meem’s orig­i­nal de­sign, and how metic­u­lous Prull Cus­tom Builders is be­ing dur­ing the re­model.

Back to my heal­ing process. (Sweet­hearts, it’s so easy for me to get dis­tracted and al­most for­get that I was talk­ing about myself.) Next stop was Santa Fe Spir­its Distillery with Jane and friends for a pri­vate tour of the op­er­a­tion and a tast­ing at the bar. I had been to the Santa Fe Spir­its Tast­ing Room on Read Street, but never to the ac­tual distillery on Mal­lard Way (off Air­port Road near N.M. 599). What fun!

Colin Kee­gan, an ar­chi­tect-turned-dis­tiller, came up with the idea when sit­ting un­der an ap­ple tree in his or­chard in Te­suque. While con­tem­plat­ing what in the world to do with more ap­ples than he could ever use for cider, boink -- an ap­ple hit him on the head, and he cried, “Eureka!” No, Lol­lipops, I be­lieve that was Sir Isaac New­ton and some­thing to do with grav­ity. I’m not sure howit all came about, but to­day the ap­ples from Colin’s Te­suque or­chard are used to make ap­ple brandy, just one of the many spir­its dis­tilled right here at Santa Fe Spir­its. Kid­dos, are we lucky or what?

Enough of de­sign­ers, builders, ar­chi­tects, and spir­its. How about Re­al­tors? I ran into DeeAnne Ot­toway (for­merly Sotheby’s) at a party over 4th of July week­end, and she told me she’s now with eXp Realty, “the agent-owned cloud bro­ker­age” founded in 2009 by Glenn San­ders in Belling­ham, Wash. DeeAnne loves eXp’s busi­ness model and the op­por­tu­ni­ties it rep­re­sents. Hav­ing lived and worked in Syd­ney for four years (where she also be­came a prac­ti­tioner of feng shui, in case your life needs a lit­tle balance), she plans on uti­liz­ing the con­tacts she has there to bring eXp to Aus­tralia. Spread the love is what I say, Mates.

Vee By­bee (for­merly Santa Fe Prop­er­ties) tran­si­tioned over to Barker Realty. Just like her friend, Ernie Zapata (Barker Realty), she had an itch for a change of scenery and new chal­lenges. Sugar Bears, with Vee’s ex­pe­ri­ence in in­te­rior de­sign, her home tend­ing busi­ness, and her 24 years of real es­tate ex­per­tise, Barker will ben­e­fit from Vee’s move.

Af­ter 34 years at Karen Walker Real Es­tate, Pa­trick Walker can now be found in the Berk­shire Hath­away Home Ser­vices Santa Fe of­fice at 433 Paseo de Per­alta. Aside from David Barker, Pa­trick may hold the ti­tle for stay­ing in one place the long­est, which in both cases may have some­thing to do with cut­ting your teeth on real es­tate and grow­ing up to work in your par­ents’ of­fice. Not that there’s any­thing wrong with it. When Pa­trick did de­cide it was time for a change, he chose BHHS for the same reasons DeeAnne chose eXp: the busi­ness model and the op­por­tu­ni­ties it rep­re­sents. How­ever, he’s not planning on ex­port­ing BHHS to Aus­tralia, or any­where, I sup­pose. Once again, Pup­pies, not that there’s any­thing wrong with it.

In clos­ing to­day, I want to remember two great Re­al­tors who are no longer on our ros­ter. Joan Daw died on May 22, age 81. Bil­lie Sloan died on June 4, age 77. These two women were po­lar op­po­sites in per­son­al­ity. Bil­lie was flam­boy­ant, spon­ta­neous. Joan was con­tained, se­ri­ous. But they had one thing in com­mon: they­were both con­sum­mate pro­fes­sion­als when it came to real es­tate. Eth­i­cal, thor­ough, and loyal to their clients, their reli­a­bil­ity was re­as­sur­ing to all who dealt with them. Peo­ple of that ilk are irreplaceable. And un­for­get­table. Ladies, I raise my Ap­ple Brandy to you.

So long, Sweet­peas. Un­til next time… Oak­ley


DeeAnne en­joys an af­ter­noon party with friend and eXp col­league, Michael Um­phrey

Jane re­laxes with Ms. Chanel af­ter a day’s worth of dec­o­rat­ing at Man­der­field

Ar­chi­tect-turned-dis­tiller Colin Kee­gan gets a kick out of his new ca­reer

Vee likes her change of scenery at Barker Realty

Pa­trick and real es­tate, still crazy af­ter all these years

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