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This in­ter­view se­ries fo­cuses on the peo­ple in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Sabine An­draud is an as­so­ciate bro­ker at Cold­well Banker Trail­sWest Realty with a wall full of awards, most re­cently as the firm’s #1 top pro­duc­ing agent and high­est-vol­ume-pro­duc­ing agent for 2015.

Well, what have you been work­ing on this week? How many list­ings do you have right now?

I have about 16 list­ings right now and I’m tak­ing another one; I was out at that prop­erty yes­ter­day with a pho­tog­ra­pher. I’ve taken five or six list­ings in the last three weeks. I’ve been stay­ing late at the office. I was here till 10 last night. Each list­ing is a new re­spon­si­bil­ity. It’s a big re­spon­si­bil­ity, in­clud­ing writ­ing up the prop­erty de­scrip­tion for the MLS, try­ing to touch on ev­ery­thing to catch the other Real­tors’ eyes. I also have 10 pend­ings and there’s a lot of fol­low-up, mak­ing sure all dead­lines are met and tak­ing care of the clients. How are clos­ings going? I’ve been busy. I have had 18 clos­ings so far this year. Right nowI’m at about $7mil­lion in sales and my goal is $10 mil­lion. How many firms have you worked for? Only Cold­well Banker. It will be 13 years in Oc­to­ber. Other com­pa­nies want me, but I’m com­fort­able here. This ismy home: I’mher­e­more than I’m at home. I’m think­ing of bring­ing a cot.

What’s that stock­ing hang­ing on the wall with a bull­dog on it?

I was nick­named The Bull­dog. The story is I brought a buyer to a house in Cañoncito and things were not mov­ing along as they should per the pur­chase agree­ment. I’m a stick­ler on dead­lines. It wasn’t mov­ing along, so I was call­ing the list­ing agent, whowas in our office, at 9 o’clock at night. At the time our bro­ker was Chuck McKin­ley and the went to hi­mand said, Sabine won’t stop call­ing me, she’s such a bull­dog.

Chuck McKin­ley gave me a bull­dog award in 2005. I thought that was kind of cute, that’s kind of cool. I’mnot mean or any­thing. I just get shit done. And I fight hard for who­ever I work with. Then some­one toldme, “You have to brand your­self. Don’t they call youThe Bull­dog?” And I said, That’s kind of silly, isn’t it? I don’t even have a dog; I have cats. But I like it. What do you do for fun? Do you have spare time? I don’t. I work. I think it’s fun. I could say I like to hike, but I don’t go. I work all the time. If not I’mat home clean­ing. Some­one has to clean the house. If I do get the op­por­tu­nity, I drive up to Den­ver and spend time with my daugh­ter. But my phone is on.

This week­end, I’mgo­ing to try to go camp­ing with my boyfriend and his fam­ily at the Ski Basin, but there’s no cell ser­vice wherewe’re going, so I’ll prob­a­bly have to drive down on Satur­day and check email. Do you en­joy food? Oh, yeah. I love food. And I’ma good cook. I do French cook­ing. Coq au vin, chicken in flour in a thick­ened red wine sauce with mush­rooms and car­rots and onions and gar­lic. Mmm. It’s easy to do, but it’s time-con­sum­ing. Where youwere born and raised? I was born in Paris, France, and I grew up in Cal­i­for­nia. Where? West LA. San­taMon­ica. My momisAmer­i­can and my dad is French. When I was three we moved to Cal­i­for­nia and my par­ents got di­vorced when I was 17. My mom moved here and I moved to France­withmy dad. Then when I was 21 or 22, I moved to Santa Fe. What did your par­ents do when you were a kid? My dad was a fire­fighter and my momwent to an art school in Paris. Then in Cal­i­for­nia my dad just had to sur­vive to sup­port his fam­ily, do­ing main­te­nance and what­ever he could find, and my mom did her art. She got to be fairly fa­mous and my dad man­aged her art­work and they also owned a school bus sys­tem for a pri­vate school, Le Ly­cée Français de Los An­ge­les, and that’s where I went to school. I went to school with Lisa Marie Pres­ley and Re­becca Brando.

What did you want to do with your life when you were in high school?

I did not know. When I moved to France, I worked in prop­er­ty­man­age­ment, funny enough, and I worked in a night­club thatmy dad owned. When I moved here, I was a gym­nas­tics coach and then I man­aged Santa Fe Gold­works. Then I got preg­nant and I had my lovely daugh­ter, Ar­ryel. What’s Ar­ryel do­ing? She’s at UCDen­ver. I’m blessed to have her. She’s amaz­ing. I stopped work­ing and I was a sin­gle mom when Ar­ryel was one. I had to find a way to stay home­with her and I did day care out of my house. I had three to five kids on a con­stant ba­sis for five years. That was a cool solution. It was. Then my daugh­ter started going to school and I de­cided to try real estate. I was re­ally scared. I wasn’t as as­sertive as I am now, but I de­cided I needed to make more money be­cause I wanted to send Ar­ryel to pri­vate school. I thought real estate would also give me some flex­i­bil­ity in sched­ule, but it does’nt re­ally.

You’re busy just about all the time you’re awake, but you have some flex­i­bil­ity in when you dowhat. Do you ever turn off your phone? Never. And look at this office. You re­ally use this place. Oh, yeah. And I work at home in the evenings. My files go home with me when I need them.

On your desk I see three le­gal fold­ers, each one stuffed with pa­pers an inch or two thick, and a day plan­ner full of writ­ing and all kinds of lit­tle pa­pers stick­ing out.

I’m a pa­per per­son. Ev­ery­thing is here. A few weeks ago I did a deal with an agent in our office. I was the buyer’s Real­tor. Two things were miss­ing from the file that the list­ing agent should have put in there. Rachel [Rose­bery, the com­pany’s qual­i­fy­ing bro­ker] came to me and asked if I had them. I said, Hmm, I won­der... Isn’t that so-andso’s re­spon­si­bil­ity? And she said, “I came to you be­cause I knew you would have it in your pa­per file.” And within 15 sec­onds I handed them to her. It takes just as long to get on the com­puter and open the file and print it.

I do use a com­puter. The screen on the lap­top here broke, so I had to con­nect it to another one. The fan was going out and it’s been­mak­ing noise for two years. I didn’t care. It­was my noise. Peo­ple would come in and say, What’s that noise? Then Rachel said, “Sabine, your com­puter’s going to ex­plode and burn down the building.” She named it T2 or Ter­mi­na­tor 2. It did not break, but I sucked it up and a few days ago I went to Best Buy and bought two com­put­ers, one for home and one for my office. But I’m re­ally a pa­per per­son.

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