High de­sign and func­tion­al­ity for kitchens, baths


revo­lu­tion­ary kitchen work­sta­tion named The Gal­ley is one of the new­est and hottest items in the Santa Fe By De­sign show­room. Made in the U.S.A., it’s based on a 16-gauge stain­less-steel sink and fea­tures slid­ing pan­els in dif­fer­ent tiers, some pan­els with holes for the bowls and colan­ders in the Gal­ley culi­nary kit— avail­able in bam­boo, a graphite wood com­pos­ite, and gray or white resin. “You’re work­ing over a sink and you can set up with drinks and an ice bucket,” said Kathy Fen­nema, owner of the store with Bob Sch­warz. “On the slate panel you can ar­range an as­sort­ment of cheeses and write in chalk­what they are.” There is an as­sort­ment of grates, a knife block, dry­ing racks, cut­ting boards and chef ’s blocks, and condi­ment serv­ing boards.

There are six sizes ofThe Gal­ley avail­able, the cost about $1,000 a foot. “It’s pretty pricey, but it’s so in­no­va­tive,” Fen­nema said. “It makes prep­ping food and en­ter­tain­ing very easy. It comes with thin and thick cut­ting boards so it func­tions as a coun­ter­top, so even though you’ve taken up this much space for sink, you have mov­able tops. It’s a re­ally lovely con­cept.”

Santa Fe By De­sign first opened its doors in 2002 and the show­room has since tripled in size. Dur­ing a re­cent tour of the store, Fen­nema talked about a few more fa­vorite pieces. An­other isTheWheel byWater­stone. This is re­ally only a kit­cen faucet, but the large wheel from which the pull­down sprayer ex­tends boasts a won­der­ful “Rube Gold­berg gizmo” sort of de­sign. It’s also very well made, with a com­mer­cial-grade lever to shift be­tween spray and stream. The Wheel, which costs up­wards of $3,000, is made by the Muri­etta, Cal­i­for­nia, com­pany Water­stone.

“We have con­crete bath­room coun­ters and sinks by Sonoma Cast Stone (Pe­taluma, Cal­i­for­nia) in many tex­tures and col­ors and they last and last. It brings a rus­tic feel to con­tem­po­rary de­sign.” The com­pany has a broad line of prod­ucts in both con­crete and NuCrete, a ma­te­rial that re­sem­bles con­crete but is im­per­vi­ous to le­mon, wine, oil, and other com­mon stain­ing agents. Santa Fe By De­sign stocks a se­lec­tion of beau­ti­ful, hand- made crys­talline bowls by ceramic artist TomWal­lick of Cal­i­for­nia. “The crys­tals ac­tu­ally grow as the kiln heats up, then they’re sus­pended,” Fen­nema said. “This type of glaze was very pop­u­lar in the 1920s.”

A glassed-in shower en­clo­sure in the store is a mini-show­room for shower heads. Among them are the Ja­clo Rain Ma­chine heads, six or 10 inches wide but very thin and with in­stalled flow rates rang­ing from 1.5 to 2.5 gal­lons per minute.

Man­u­fac­tur­ers are now do­ing faucets in bright col­ors. A vi­brant yel­low bath faucet is dis­played in the show­room on a blue, stone-com­pos­ite Ston tub, about $6,500, not an un­com­m­mon price for a free­stand­ing tub, ac­cord­ing to the owner. Ston of­fers a dozen dif­fer­ent de­signs in both free­stand­ing and drop-in mod­els. The Bri­tish com­pany Vic­to­ria + Al­bert uses a pro­pri­etary “vol­canic lime­stone” (stone hard­ened by the heat and pres­sure of magma) mixed with resin for its tubs. They also have an eas­ily re­pairable surface if scuffed or dirty, dif­fer­ent from acrylic or cast iron, Fen­nema said.

Also at Santa Fe By De­sign are tubs by the Mon­treal com­pa­nyWETSTYLE, boast­ing its en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly ma­te­rial, Wet­mar Bio, that “dis­places the petro-chem­i­cal ad­di­tives in heavy use in the in­dus­try with a recipe com­posed of Mother Earth’s nat­u­ral ingredients— soy and min­eral stone.” Nearby is a lovely tub by MTI (Sugar Hill, Ge­or­gia) that has a heated bench built into the en­try side so you can sit down on a warm seat and swing your legs over and into the tub. This one is about $4,200.

The show­room also car­ries a range of mod­ern low-flow toi­lets. “Here is a se­lec­tion of Toto toi­lets, which we be­lieve are some of the best en­gi­neered toi­lets in the world,” Fen­nema said. “Some are 1-gal­lon flush­ers, which is what all the man­u­fac­tur­ers are try­ing to get to.” To­tos run from $450 to $5,000 and more. The com­pany’sWash­let range in­cor­po­rates re­mote-con­trolled sprayers for gen­i­tal and anal clean­ing, plus a dryer, and a room de­odor­izer. Many of these high-tech toi­lets are heated, and they open when you ap­proach and close when you leave.

Santa Fe By De­sign is in the Pacheco Park com­merce cen­ter lo­cated at 1512 Pacheco Street.

At top, a 6-foot ver­sion of the Gal­ley

Above, The Wheel faucet and bowls by Tom Wal­lick

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