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was not sure I want to be handed a bill ev­ery month. So I told City Dif­fer­ent I was giv­ing my­self one year to work for some­one else. I talked toDavid Barker and I went to work for Barker Realty.

The sec­ond thing I did was to en­roll my­self in a Span­ish class at Santa Fe Com­mu­nity Col­lege so I could pro­nounce the names of the streets here. Be­cause I’d call Dana at Sotheby’s or Vicki at Santa Fe Prop­er­ties to make an ap­point­ment and I’d stum­ble through the name and they’d al­ways say, “Su­san, do you mean...?” They were tak­ing great care ofme, but it was time to take a course, and our com­mu­nity col­lege is so great.

And mean­while you fig­ured out that these houses are not all adobes, and there’s a great va­ri­ety.

You drive down a street and you have to tell peo­ple, Yes, there’s a $3 mil­lion house on a dirt road. And you drive down an­other street and you see a wall and you have no idea what’s be­hind it un­til you show it or get in to see it. It’s just amaz­ing. But the peo­ple I meet, the di­ver­sity here is won­der­ful, and it’s the same with the homes.

And it’s chang­ing. The peo­ple at Las Cam­panas Realty just told me that 70 per­cent of the new homes out there are con­tem­po­rary de­sign now.

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