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woman in the coun­try hired un­der af­fir­ma­tive ac­tion. When all the big­wigswould come out, they al­ways wanted to talk to me, a woman be­ing in sales. When did you get into real es­tate? I worked for Sears and there was a guy­who was a man­ager and he went into real es­tate and sug­gested it. What was the gen­der mix in this busi­ness then? It was pretty bal­anced. David: Of course, we never thought about it. Bon­nie: We didn’t. We worked at a nice com­pany out of Santa Bar­bara. That’s where you met David? Yep. I saw him at a break­fast meet­ing and I thought, Oh, that must be him. Did you part­ner in busi­ness? Was that done then? David: We worked to­gether pretty early. How did you di­vide the la­bor? We just searched for prop­er­ties and if we found them, we went out to­gether.

Bon­nie: We work to­gether with some peo­ple and we work sep­a­rately with some peo­ple. It just de­pends upon the si­t­u­a­tion.

You’ve worked through some ups and downs over the years.

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