L Lance Rae

Age: 41 Res­i­dence: Honolulu Oc­cu­pa­tion: Public re­la­tions ex­ec­u­tive

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ance Rae is a public re­la­tions ex­ec­u­tive based in Honolulu, but ac­cord­ing to his New York friends and col­leagues, he’s a New Yorker. “I spend a good amount of time in New York City. There are peo­ple in New York who don’t be­lieve I ac­tu­ally live in Hawaii be­cause they see me there so of­ten,” said Rae, who cuts a natty fig­ure in a porkpie hat, vest, thick-rimmed spec­ta­cles and bow tie.

Rae cre­ated the na­tion’s first Pedes­trian Safety Month for the state Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion’s Walk Wise Hawaii pro­gram, and when he’s not work­ing on PR cam­paigns for clients, trav­el­ing to New York or em­cee­ing events around town, he’s a TV buff. His tastes run the gamut and in­clude the youth-ori­ented fare on The CW (but he asked that we not tell any­one). With his char­ac­ter­is­tic wit, Rae de­scribes his style as “Buster Keaton meets Diane Keaton meets Ar­mani. It’s that vin­tage look with­out that vin­tage smell.”

Hats off: “My fa­vorite daily hat is a ca­sual, short-brimmed, faded gray cot­ton porkpie with a tall crown that I pur­chased from the Roberta Oaks shop on Pauahi Street. It has trav­eled on my head around the world. I bought two of them, so I have a spare in case the wind de­cides to send one to its doom on King Street dur­ing rush hour.” All eyes on you: “I have re­ally bad astig­ma­tism, so I’ve been wear­ing dark big-framed glasses since I was 7 years old. I have no choice, my lenses are just too thick, so fre­quently I get sun­glass frames and pop out the dark lenses for my crazy pre­scrip­tion. I have no shame: When they break, I’ll su­per­glue them to­gether or use duct tape. No fash­ion state­ment here. How­ever, I do make the most with them when I’m check­ing peo­ple out.”

Wardrobe VIP: “My go-to item most days is a pair of H&M pants in gray, black, brown or white. I buy them like one would buy paper tow­els. I usu­ally match them with a tai­lored vest, rolled-up, long-sleeve shirt and, of course, a hat.” Tie one on: “The most ver­sa­tile thing in my closet is my tie rack. It holds over 120 ties, bow ties and oc­ca­sion­ally the odd put­ter or ten­nis racket.” Most out­ra­geous pur­chase: “I have a col­lec­tion of Ar­mani suits that could eas­ily equal a down pay­ment on a condo, but I don’t con­sider them out­ra­geous. They are the foun­da­tion of my wardrobe.

The most out­ra­geous thing I’ve pur­chased was a red satin suit from Do’s For­mal on the cor­ner of King and Smith. I bought it three years ago for a Valen­tine’s Day event and still haven’t worn it.”


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