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With Hawaii’s harsh cli­mate con­di­tions, hav­ing a main­te­nance-free home is tough, but not out of reach.To­day, there are many main­te­nance-free prod­ucts, in­clud­ing vinyl win­dows and vinyl sid­ing.Vinyl is a proven prod­uct with more than 50 years of proof right here in Hawaii. Since the first vinyl prod­uct was in­tro­duced to Hawaii, many other prod­ucts have fol­lowed.These in­clude vinyl win­dows, fenc­ing, deck­ing, gut­ters and even vinyl paint (in­te­rior and ex­te­rior). The best thing about vinyl prod­ucts is they all are main­te­nance-free. Here are some rea­sons and sure ways to pick the right prod­uct and com­pany/ con­trac­tor for vinyl prod­ucts in Hawaii.

In 1960, the first vinyl prod­ucts were in­stalled in Hawaii. You may re­mem­ber the com­mer­cials “Vinyl is Fi­nal” from 55 years ago. Own­ers ofTrop­i­cal Whole­sale, Matthew and Michael Houar are still here to­day in­stalling the best win­dow and vinyl sid­ing prod­ucts money can buy. Trop­i­cal is the first com­pany to bring, in­stall and man­u­fac­ture vinyl win­dows in Hawaii. With more than 38 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in Hawaii with vinyl win­dows and more than 40 years in vinyl sid­ing,Trop­i­cal is Hawaii’s ex­pert for vinyl prod­ucts. With more than 10,000 jobs in Hawaii in­stalled on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Is­land,Trop­i­cal has cov­ered a lot of ground and gained a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence. When asked how to pick a vinyl sid­ing prod­uct, Matt Houar re­sponded with one word: thick­ness. Houar went on to say that most sid­ings that have been in­stalled in Hawaii are only 35- to 40-thou­sandths-of-an-inch thick, which is equiv­a­lent to a stack of 10 sheets of paper; that’s not very thick.To­day, com­pa­nies are fill­ing the back with foams and cheap in­su­la­tions.

“We have the thick­est vinyl prod­uct made — at least 10 times thicker than other brands,” said Houar. When asked how to choose the best Win­dows, Houar said, qual­ity.You need the cor­rectly de­signed and man­u­fac­tured prod­uct. Trop­i­cal has de­signed its own win­dows all the way back to 1983. All de­signs have been for Hawaii’s tough salt air con­di­tions.Trop­i­cal Win­dows has the only Life­time Ma­te­rial,Hard­ware andVol­un­tary Life­time Work­man­ship war­ranty. Take the ex­tra time to re­search be­cause this is a big in­vest­ment in your home. Then, when asked how to en­sure a good job and choose an in­stalling con­trac­tor, Houar said it’s sim­ple. He ex­plained that when buy­ing a life­time war­ranted prod­uct, make sure the busi­ness has been op­er­at­ing in Hawaii for more than 10 years. Also, check for bond­ing, li­a­bil­ity in­sur­ance, and work­man com­pen­sa­tion.

Then, talk to the owner and con­trac­tor — not by phone, but in per­son.Too many times, home­own­ers just deal with sales­men who make a lot of false prom­ises. Houar also said that he has been fix­ing homes in Hawaii for more than 40 years and has seen many com­pa­nies go out of busi­ness. Most are Main­land owned and op­er­ated, so the best ad­vice is to buy lo­cal.

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