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Grays, browns, tau­pes — af­ter decades of neu­tral-col­ored shin­gles dom­i­nat­ing en­tire neigh­bor­hoods, home­own­ers are turn­ing to the dark side. Home im­prove­ment ex­per ts agree black roofs are mak­ing a come­back, of­fer­ing a sleek al­ter­na­tive that boosts curb ap­peal and en­hances de­sign el­e­ments.

Decades ago black was the tra­di­tional color for as­phalt roofs. Home­own­ers, seek­ing to mimic the look of ex­pen­sive wood shake shin­gles, started to opt for brown and gray com­pos­ite shin­gles. Black shin­gles be­gan to fall out of pop­u­lar­ity.

But to­day, home­own­ers are look­ing to stand out rather than fit in.A black roof breaks up the sea of same­ness of en­tire city blocks in neu­tral roof­ing col­ors. “Peo­ple to­day want their homes to be one of a kind,” said sales ter­ri­tory man­ager for Tamko Build­ing Prod­ucts, Brian Bor­gard. “They want some­thing bold, some­thing to dif­fer­en­ti­ate their homes from their neigh­bors’.” In fact, in 2016 Tamko’s black-col­ored Her­itage Lam­i­nated As­phalt Shin­gles were the most pop­u­lar next to Tamko’s Weath­ered Wood. This year, Bor­gard said it’s pos­si­ble black could even­tu­ally over­take the top spot as many con­trac­tors are switch­ing all their shin­gle or­ders from brown to black. Roof­ing con­trac­tor John Cot­ten can tes­tify to the trend in his own busi­ness. “I’ve seen a def­i­nite in­crease in the de­mand for black roof­ing,” said Cot­ten, owner of John Cot ten Roof­ing in Jo­plin, Mis­souri, a Tamko Pro Cer­ti­fied Con­trac­tor.“I think home­own­ers are tired of see­ing the same shin­gles on all of the houses in their neigh­bor­hoods — they’re ready for a change.”

So, why are so many home­own­ers opt­ing for black shin­gles? These four rea­sons prove it’s a trend that won’t be fad­ing any­time soon:

• Black is mod­ern: A younger gen­er­a­tion of home­own­ers wants a mod­ern home pro­file.The nat­u­ral wood-shake aes­thetic is of­ten per­ceived as too tra­di­tional or old fash­ioned.

• Black matches ev­ery­thing: Un­less the ex­te­rior of your house is navy blue or dark brown, a black roof will match and en­hance the fa­cade.

• Black high­lights: Rather than hid­ing or over­pow­er­ing the fea­tures of your home, black tends to high­light ar­chi­tec­tural fea­tures and makes other col­ors ap­pear brighter.

• Black stands out: In a neigh­bor­hood of neu­trals, black is sure to draw the eye of po­ten­tial home­buy­ers or passersby.

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