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This year you open up to new ideas with greater ease than you have in the re­cent past. You of­ten dou­ble-check what you do, as you sense that there could be an er­ror. SAGITTARIUS un­der­stands you well.

The stars show the kind of day you’ll have: ★★★★★ Dy­namic ★★★★ Pos­i­tive ★★★ Av­er­age ★★ So-so ★ Dif­fi­cult

ARIES ★★★★

March 21-April 19

Your thoughts might be fo­cused on some­one at a dis­tance. Open up a dis­cus­sion with a friend, and get his or her opin­ion. Brain­storm in or­der to find a so­lu­tion. Tonight: Out at a hap­pen­ing.


April 20-May 20

A con­ver­sa­tion about a po­ten­tial trip could be some­what provoca­tive. Some of you might opt to hop in the car and take off on a mini ex­cur­sion. Tonight: In the whirl­wind of the mo­ment.

GEMINI ★★★★★

May 21-June 20

How you see a sit­u­a­tion could change. At first, you might view the mat­ter as be­ing a has­sle. Given some time, you’ll de­cide to jump in and dis­cover how ex­cit­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence can be. Tonight: Ac­cept a close friend’s in­vi­ta­tion.

CAN­CER ★★★★

June 21-July 22

Emo­tions run high. Even if you see a chance to change di­rec­tion, you might opt to stay on your present course. Con­fu­sion seems to float around you, and could cre­ate an is­sue. Tonight: Time to paint the town red!

LEO ★★★★★

July 23-Aug. 22

You might wish that a sit­u­a­tion was less dif­fi­cult and more re­ward­ing. Talk with the oth­ers in­volved and get some feed­back. Opt to di­rect your en­ergy to mat­ters that sup­port your sense of well-be­ing. Tonight: Im­pul­sive­ness is the theme.

VIRGO ★★★★

Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Refuse to be cor­nered into a dis­cus­sion about a do­mes­tic is­sue. A room­mate or part­ner might put you down if you do not agree with him or her. Trust your judg­ment. You might stum­ble upon a good idea. Tonight: Seek out ex­cite­ment.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

An is­sue arises in your per­sonal life that elic­its a neg­a­tive or heavy feel­ing. You sim­ply don’t want to dis­cuss it past a cer­tain point. Tonight: A friend stops by for an im­promptu visit!


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A neigh­bor or rel­a­tive who seems a bit off. Re­gard­less of whether this per­son is aware of his or her un­usual be­hav­ior, lis­ten to what he or she has to share. Tonight: Ready for any­thing.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Be ready to blaze a new path, should the op­por­tu­nity present it­self. A creative and/or im­pul­sive mo­ment could turn a heavy is­sue into a fun puz­zle to solve. Tonight: Throw your­self into the mo­ment.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You can do only so much. The time has come to slow down and use this Satur­day to rest up. You might be un­com­fort­able with chang­ing plans, but mak­ing an accommodation is nec­es­sary. Tonight: Let a friend call the shots.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A lot is oc­cur­ring around you. Friends seek you out to share news or to help you get a party mov­ing. Make it your plea­sure to lighten the mood. Tonight: See the hu­mor in a volatile sit­u­a­tion.


Feb. 19-March 20

You could be in­tensely in­volved with thoughts that have very lit­tle to do with the here and now. Sched­ule a trip or make a call to a friend; oth­er­wise, you could spend the day think­ing about this mat­ter. Tonight: Be no­ticed, wher­ever you are.

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