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Honolulu Star-Advertiser - - DETOURS - By Frank Ste­wart Tri­bune Con­tent Agency

The ABC’s of good dummy play: learn­ing to han­dle in­di­vid­ual suit com­bi­na­tions cor­rectly. For ex­am­ple, with Q-10 op­po­site A-K-4-3-2, de­clarer’s per­cent­age play for five tricks is a fi­nesse with the ten.

At to­day’s 3NT, de­clarer starts with eight top tricks. The clubs will break 3-3 only a lit­tle more than a third of the time — no doubt less than that when West has led a club — so de­clarer would like a sec­ond di­a­mond trick. If he wins the first club in dummy and leads a di­a­mond to his queen, he goes down. West takes the king, and East still has a dou­ble stop­per in the suit.

But de­clarer should be in no hurry to fi­nesse. At Trick Two he can play a low di­a­mond from both hands.

South wins the next trick and cashes the ace of di­a­monds. The king hap­pens to fall, so he is safe. If in­stead both de­fend­ers played low, South would lead a heart to dummy to re­turn a third di­a­mond to­ward his queen. He would get two di­a­mond tricks when­ever the lie of the cards per­mit­ted.

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