Third: Geld­ing A

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Geld­ing A ap­pears to have the straight­est legs of the group with no struc­tural faults. He has a nice head with a clean throat­latch and long, thin neck. His neck tie-in to his shoul­der is a lit­tle low, and his shoul­der is up­right. More length and slope to his shoul­ders would im­prove his move­ment and he’d have a longer, smoother stride.

His withers are high and would ft a sad­dle well. His back’s longer than I pre- fer and his un­der­line’s short, es­pe­cially in re­la­tion to his long topline. This’ll in­hibit his hind-leg reach, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for him to track his front foot­steps. He’s also short in his croup and sti­fle, which won’t make him as strong in his hind end. His muscling, though slight, ex­tends into his hocks well. His hock an­gle ap­pears ad­e­quate, though his white mark­ings make it dif­fi­cult to as­sess at frst glance. Geld­ing A also has shorter, an­gled pasterns that’ll ef­fec­tively ab­sorb shock. He’s the light­est-boned horse of the group and could use more muscling and sub­stance over­all.

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