Love Story

She had waited all her life for this mo­ment, dream­ing about it since she was 10 years old. The trailer ramp touched the ground; he whin­nied as she backed him out, swing­ing his head around to get a good look at his new home. His coat gleamed in the sun. He

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Star. They did great to­gether and placed tenth!

Star pretty much hangs out in the stall or pas­ture now. When my daugh­ter comes home from vet school, she tacks up Star and we go on a trail ride. At Christ­mas, her boyfriend learned to ride on Star. And we gave my 4-year- old great-niece some rides on him. He’ll stay with me un­til his time comes to an end.


First, some ba­sics. Smegma is the thick, oily se­cre­tion that cov­ers the pe­nis and in­te­rior of the sheath in stal­lions and geld­ings. It’s pro­duced by the se­ba­ceous glands in the skin of the sheath, and some horses make more of it than oth­ers. The “bean” that can form in the ure­thra at

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