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The pavvy ceeder is the smart, healthy way to feed your horse that saves you money — and that makes it a great gift for both of you! The sta­bi­lized float­ing grate pro­longs feed­ing 4-1M times as long as eat­ing off the ground, re­duc­ing the chance of ul­cers and elim­i­nat­ing bore­dom, ner­vous­ness, and frus­tra­tion. The Savvy Feeder keeps the hay off the ground, which re­duces in­ges­tion of sand, manure, bed­ding, and other things that in­vite colic, and its ex­cel­lent drainage elim­i­nates spoilage. The Savvy ceeder al­lows your horse to for­age in a nat­u­ral head- down po­si­tion, cor­rectly align­ing the jaw and re­duc­ing the risk of gut­tural pouch in­fec­tion.

The Savvy Feeder works just as well whether you feed 5 pounds of hay or as much as 25, and, with the new latch sys­tem, it is bet­ter than ever. The pavvy ceeder is light enough to take on the road and ver­sa­tile enough to be used in a stall, pas­ture, track sys­tem, or at the hitch­ing post.

Made of su­per durable poly­eth­yl­ene, the Savvy Feeder lasts for years. With a 30- day guar­an­tee and free ship­ping, whatDs not to love? lrder yours to­day for that savvy horse lover in your life! (TM1F TV3-pAsv

tith a wide va­ri­ety of styles for a wide va­ri­ety of horse­menI ppd gloves are a great gift for your­self and all your horselov­ing friends. tith win­ter on the wayI what bet­ter way to keep those fin­gers from freez­ing with the ppd® 10 Be­low™ wa­ter­proof gloves? These gloves are de­signed with the rider in mindI so you know you can count on them to be just what you needI re­gard­less of your rid­ing or driv­ing dis­ci­pline.

With five lay­ers of warmth, the 10 BelowŠ is SSG’s warm­est win­ter gloveI yet mod­ern tech­nol­ogy and de­sign make them com­fort­able and prac­ti­calI as well. The syn­thet­i­cleather back­ing im­proves wa­ter­proof­ing and flex­i­bil­ity, and SSG’s ex­clu­sive Po­lar Fleece with “Ther­mal Feel­ings” ma­te­ri­alI tin­ter­sunI in­creases warmth. The wa­ter­proof mem­brane and Thin­su­late® lin­ing keep hands warm and dry, and the SSG 'ig­i­tal Palm al­lows you to grip as needed so you can ride or work all day long.

ppd® 10 Be­low™ are of­fered at a sug­gested re­tail price of $43.95. Find a dealer near you on the SSG web­site.

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