Love Story

They had been to­gether for years, since she was a just a 2-year-old. When she got stub­born he would coax her qui­etly on. When she got scared he would coo in her ear and stroke her gen­tly on the neck. They spent hours to­gether build­ing her con­fi­dence, stre

Horse & Rider - - Whole Horse Q&a - LORE I. HAUG, DVM, MS, DACVB Texas Ve­teri­nary Be­hav­ior Ser­vices

Clicker Train­ing Pin­points…

…and re­wards ex­tremely spe­cific be­hav­ior, us­ing a click sound the horse has been con­di­tioned to as­so­ciate with re­ceiv­ing a treat. With pos­i­tive re­in­force­ment, horses be­come ea­ger stu­dents and learn quickly. Clicker train­ing can im­prove ground man­ners, de­sen­si­tize a horse to stim­uli, train spe­cific ma­neu­vers, and more. (See “Click to Mo­ti­vate Your Horse” at Horse­

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