First: Geld­ing B

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This geld­ing is the best bal­anced of the three, with ex­cel­lent in­di­vid­ual com­po­nents that blend smoothly. His shoul­der and hip an­gles are sym­met­ri­cal, and he has a strong topline join­ing them. His back is es­pe­cially strong through his loins, which trans­lates to power un­der sad­dle.

His head shows good breed char­ac­ter­is­tics‚ a chis­eled look with small ears and large, soft eyes. His throat- latch is trim and clean, and his neck is an ideal length to add to his over­all bal­ance. His neck ties into his chest a bit low, but his shoul­der is so well sloped that he should have a beau­ti­ful, reach­ing stride. His pastern an­gles match his shoul­der an­gles, which also aids a smooth stride.

His legs have sub­stan­tial, clean bone, with flat knees in front and ideal an­gle to his hocks in his hind legs. He may be a bit higher in his hips than at his with­ers, or it could be the an­gle of the photo. He has smooth and ad­e­quate muscling, ap­pro­pri­ate for his age and breed. of the first-place horse, and his over­all muscling is lighter with­out the same depth of mus­cle through the sti­fle as Geld­ing B. A in muscling— ad­e­quate, but weaker through the stif le than Geld­ing B, which trans­lates to a lack of hind- end drive. He’s in good body con­di­tion with a shiny coat.

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