Third: Geld­ing C

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This geld­ing has very clean legs with good bone. His knees are f lat, and his hocks are an­gled well. His near front pastern looks too short and up­right in this po­si­tion, but I think the well-sloped off­side pastern is a bet­ter ex­am­ple of his true pastern an­gle.

He shows a lovely ex­pres­sion in his eye and a kind-look­ing ear po­si­tion. His head is a lit­tle long and lacks the chis­eled look, though, and he’s slightly thicker through the throat­latch and shorter in the neck than Geld­ings B and A.

His hips are nicely sloped, but the straight­ness of his shoul­ders places him be­hind the other two geld­ings. A steep shoul­der hin­ders a f low­ing stride and can be rough to ride. His high with­ers go with his straight shoul­der and could make sad­dl­e­fit­ting a chal­lenge. His topline isn’t as strong over the loins as the other two geld­ings’. He’s sim­i­lar to Geld­ing

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