How My Horse De-Stresses Me

You tell us how be­ing with your horse soothes your nerves and buoys your spir­its.

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There’s some­thing about the out­side of my horse that’s good for the in­side of me. When I brush my sweet Half-Ara­bian mare Belle, or put my foot in the stir­rup to ride, my mind leaves the wor­ries of this world. A great es­cape (and good ex­er­cise, too)! Eve­lyn Quillen,


NY es, li­brar­i­ans get stressed, too. And when that hap­pens, my hus­band ban­ishes me to the barn for horse ther­apy. Scratch­ing my big Paint geld­ing’s bum ( his fa­vorite spot) as we lis­ten to a book to­gether makes all the wor­ries go away.

Kristi Pierce, Illinois

o mat­ter how stress­ful my day’s been, when I brush my geld­ing Noche’s face and he drops his head, I re­lax com­pletely. He was abused and has had to learn to trust. See­ing how far he’s come is won­der­fully sat­is­fy­ing. Lisa Winge­bach,

Cal­i­for­nia A t the end of a bad day, when I put my arms around my Ap­paloosa geld­ing Wil­lie’s neck and breathe in the sweet scent of his warm body… that melts away ev­ery bit of my stress. Wendy Kunst,

Ten­nessee M y mare keeps my mind fo­cused on her— and off what­ever may be both­er­ing me—when­ever we spend time to­gether. Me­gan D’An­drea, Ohio T alk­ing to my doc­tor about ex­er­cise, I said I had horses to ride and feed, a barn to clean, a fence to fix fence, etc.— then men­tioned that my horses also kept me from need­ing a psy­chi­a­trist. Af­ter a pause, he replied, “A psy­chi­a­trist would be cheaper.” Brenda Nes­bitt,


In our crazy- busy, overex­tended, stressed- out world, I find the most im­por­tant thing to re­lieve my stress is to be present in the mo­ment. And be­cause my horse is a mir­ror of what I’m feel­ing, be­ing around him re­minds me to stay in the now. Carpé Ri­dem!

Con­nie Mer­ritt Hughes, Cal­i­for­nia

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