Tips for Win­ter Warmth

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Stay­ing dry is a big part of stay­ing warm. Your horse’s coat will shed some rain un­less the pre­cip­i­ta­tion lasts a long time or is driven by a strong wind. In se­vere weather, out­door horses may ben­e­fit from wa­ter­proof blan­kets— if they fit prop­erly and are checked of­ten to make sure they don’t rub. Blan­ket­ing a wet horse pre­vents the coat from dry­ing, how­ever, so bring your horse into a stall and al­low him to dry com­pletely be­fore putting a blan­ket on him. In a pinch, you can put a loosely fas­tened blan­ket on a wet horse, plac­ing large hand­fuls of straw or hay at fre­quent in­ter­vals be­tween the horse’s skin and the in­side of the blan­ket so air can cir­cu­late to help the coat dry. This is a tem­po­rary so­lu­tion, and the horse will need to have this blan­ket re­moved and a dry one put on be­fore he’s ei­ther left in the stall or turned out.

Duct Tape

If your horse has a small tear in his blan­ket, use duct tape to keep it to­gether un­til you can get it fixed.

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