Sec­ond: Geld­ing A

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This geld­ing is also well bal­anced from front to back and top to bot­tom, but doesn’t tie to­gether quite as nicely as Geld­ing B. His topline is strong, but he has less-de­fined withers than Geld­ing B, and he’s a lit­tle bit steeper in his shoul­ders.

He’s slightly higher at his hip than at his withers, but his knees and hocks look more level, which is a good sign. His neck is a lit­tle shorter and ties into his chest a lit­tle lower than Geld­ing B’s. He’s also a lit­tle thicker in his throat­latch, which could af­fect flex­ion. He has a pretty head, with a flat face and strong jaw, the best breed char­ac­ter­is­tics of these three geld­ings.

His knees are flat and clean, but his front pasterns are a bit steep, match­ing his shoul­der an­gle. His hocks ap­pear to not have much an­gle, also known as post-legged, which could af­fect his

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