First: Mare A

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This at­trac­tive mare is bal­anced if di­vided into three equal seg­ments, and her topline is shorter than her un­der­line. Her croup is a bit higher than her with­ers, but not enough to be a ma­jor fault. She has the deep­est heart­girth of these three mares and the best def­i­ni­tion to her with­ers.

Her throat­latch could be more re­fined and her neck could tie into her chest a lit­tle higher, but her neck has ad­e­quate length. Her shoul­ders and hips are a bit steeper than ideal, but her front pasterns show bet­ter slope. She’s clean through her knees and hocks. Her front legs show a straight line from with­ers through fore­arms and knees to the fet­locks, but she could use slightly more angle in her hocks for driv­ing power.

Her fem­i­nine head is short from eye to muz­zle, with short ears, large eyes, and a re­fined muz­zle. Over­all, she has the best muscling in vol­ume and def­i­ni­tion here, but her hip muscling could tie in deeper down her leg, and her gaskin could use more vol­ume.

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