So­lu­tions: Shoul­der- re­lief cinch.

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If you feel your sad­dle slide for­ward onto your horse’s shoul­der while you’re rid­ing, or if your cinch lim­its his el­bow move­ment, con­sider try­ing a new cinch like the Shoul­der- Re­lief Cinch from To­tal Sad­dle Fit. The cinch’s sides are cut back to bet­ter meet with your sad­dle’s bil­lets to im­prove sad­dle fit and keep your sad­dle in place. This al­lows your latigo to stay up­right rather than angle for­ward. An­other bonus: the cinch’s re­mov­able liner is easy to clean and can be swapped with neo­prene, fleece, or felt lin­ers.

More info: Start­ing at $139.95; to­tal­sad­dl­e­

Does your sad­dle slide for­ward while you ride? Try a cinch that’s de­signed to keep your sad­dle in place and im­prove your horse’s el­bow move­ment.

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