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Save time, money, and have fewer fence- re­lated in­juries with Elec­troBraid ® elec­tric fence. This fence uses cop­per wire con­duc­tors braided into a highly vis­i­ble rope, pro­vid­ing a safe and ef­fec­tive bar­rier. Elec­troBraid ® fence has a psy­cho­log­i­cal ef­fect, as well, al­low­ing horses to see each other and you — and you can see them. There are no places for preda­tors to hide. Horses are hap­pier and more re­laxed, so they don’t pace up and down their fence line.

Elec­troBraid ® can ab­sorb and re­pel the en­ergy of a fast- mov­ing horse, keep­ing the horse in the pas­ture with no harm to horse or fence. Un­like a wooden fence, there are no sharp points, hard edges, or boards to break or splin­ter. The elec­tric shock from a UL or CSA ap­proved fence en­er­gizer is com­pletely harm­less, but pro­vides an im­me­di­ate, un­pleas­ant psy­cho­log­i­cal de­ter­rent. Once shocked, the horse won’t want to touch the fence again, so say good­bye to horses lean­ing on your fence.

Avail­able in white, check­ered, or black, Elec­troBraid ® is highly vis­i­ble to horses, strong, and durable. Fence posts can be spaced 30 to 50 feet apart, re­quir­ing fewer ma­te­ri­als and less main­te­nance than tra­di­tional fence. Elec­troBraid ® of­fers a com­plete line of branded ac­ces­sories and full sys­tem for elec­tric fenc­ing. Visit the website to order yours to­day. www. zare­basys­tems.com

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