What Is Your Horse Afraid of?

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Kristine Oliver Kit­tens! Mostly be­cause they’re al­ways un­der his feet, in his hay box, and pop­ping up un­ex­pect­edly.

Joe Si­monds My horse is only afraid of two things—any­thing that moves and any­thing that doesn’t.

Sam Bryant My bot­tom­less-pit, cow-lov­ing doo­fus is pretty much bomb-proofed, thanks to the free­way we live next to. But ev­ery once in a while he gets spooked by his pet chick­ens when they come up too fast on his blind side, or chase bugs or each other around him.

Meg Web­ster The cur­rent mare I’m rid­ing is scared of white boards and the back of the in­door arena. She doesn’t like tarps, but it’s be­cause the back panel of the arena made a loud “thunk” when we at­tempted cross­ing a tarp for the first time. Preeny-Ann Dunkin Wind. All three mares are afraid of Kansas wind, even though they’ve lived here for­ever. My colt, on the other hand, is only afraid of not get­ting the most at­ten­tion.

Ar­lene Jenk­ins Craw­ford Some of mine are even afraid of their own shadow! We were rid­ing one day, and my horse lit­er­ally jumped side­ways when she spot­ted her shadow! Lucky she didn’t lose me!

Jen­nifer Des­forge Ice/snow fall­ing off the arena roof gets my horse ev­ery time.

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