Trai­ler­ing Ques­tion

My trailer is a three­horse slant-load. Af­ter read­ing “The Long Haul” (July 2017), I had a ques­tion. I fre­quently trailer only one horse at a time. Should I open up the en­tire trailer to be one large stall box for him on a 7-hour haul?

Janet Shel­don

Great ques­tion! Yes, that’s ex­actly what we do when haul­ing long dis­tances in a slant-load trailer. We even haul this way for col­icky horses be­ing trans­ported to a sur­gi­cal fa­cil­ity—they’re much more likely to stay on their feet in an open trailer. As an added ad­van­tage, it’s much eas­ier and safer to get the horse up if he goes down while on the road. If your di­viders can’t be re­moved com­pletely, make sure they can be tied back se­curely. In some trail­ers, we pad the ends of the di­viders where there might be sharp edges that could cause in­juries. (A bath towel and some duct tape can do the trick). I also pre­fer a trailer with ex­tra se­cu­rity for the back-door clo­sure, such as a ramp that comes up over the two back doors or a solid butt bar.

Dr. Barb Crabbe, Con­tribut­ing Edi­tor

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