Geld­ing B


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➞ This geld­ing is my win­ner in a close race. He’s pro­por­tion­ate when di­vided into thirds from front to back, and has the best length of croup of the three. He’s also the only horse of the three with a tail set high on his croup, as we want to see in Ara­bi­ans.

He has a long, fine neck with a clean throat­latch, mak­ing it a very flex­i­ble neck to put in a bri­dle and use­ful in a va­ri­ety of dis­ci­plines. His head has a slight dish and a square muz­zle, de­sir­able in Ara­bi­ans as large, flared nos­trils gives their muz­zles a square ap­pear­ance. His ears ap­pear to be tight, set close to­gether, and shapely.

He has a well-sprung heart­girth and well-de­vel­oped loin for strength and the abil­ity to carry a rider. His legs ap­pear clean and “dry,” which means bones and ten­dons are vis­i­ble and any swelling would stand out. He has well-an­gled pasterns, al­though he ap­pears al­most back at the knee, and he could have more muscling in his gaskin for power from be­hind.

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