Geld­ing C


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➞ This geld­ing, al­though show­ing some nice Ara­bian type, isn’t as bal­anced as Geld­ing B when di­vided into thirds. His croup is a bit light in sub­stance, and his back is equal in pro­por­tion to his croup, but his neck is much heav­ier in com­par­i­son. Tail car­riage is a crit­i­cal fac­tor when judg­ing Ara­bi­ans, and though he ap­pears to have good tail car­riage, his tail is set lower on his croup than Geld­ing B’s.

His neck comes out low on the shoul­der, and his throat­latch is thick, which will make it harder for him to lift and flex his neck, and will limit the dis­ci­plines he’s suited for par­tic­i­pat­ing in. His ears ap­pear well-shaped, but his muz­zle isn’t as small and square as Geld­ing B’s, so he has less Arab type.

His leg looks well-pro­por­tioned for his body size, but his front pasterns and hoofs are very up­right. This makes for a chop­pier gait and less com­fort­able ride, and over time, the con­cus­sion on up­right pasterns can lead to sound­ness is­sues.

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